Alabama The Place For High Tech Manufacturing Jobs?

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Robotics is the key to breaching the economic divide between the county’s interior and coasts. When a process is automated the value each human brings to it is multiplied. The skill level required may go up - or down; typically one gets some of both. Or the skills required may just change, like painting with a sprayer instead of a brush or plowing a field with a tractor instead of an ox.

I saw recently where the CEO of a manufacturing company said they had 50 people in a training program for modern manufacturing jobs. They wanted 500, but a lot of the applicants didn’t have sufficient reading and math to make it through the technical manuals.

Geez, not exactly asking for too much…

Those are the red states. Same as Chicago and all those troublesome areas, they have been abandoned by the white house. Or, maybe they don’t want to change.

Cut their umbilical cord (welfare, etc) and you will see a change for the good.

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That’s a nice headline, but the worker clearly ignored safety protocols designed to protect workers. If I shove a screw driver into a 480V outlet and die, do you blame the electrician? I’ve been in quite a few factories UAW and non-UAW. The safety precautions are pretty extensive, and that was years ago.

That was a very depressing read. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes we don’t even know or care that other industries exist where people are being exploited.

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Welcome to America!

It’s a definitely headline designed to encourage clicking. It got me.

But the article might raise some valid points.

After Allen’s injury, Surge Staffing gathered its 80 or so Matsu workers for a meeting, says Wolfsberger, the former Surge manager. That’s when the agency learned the plant had provided no hands-on training, routinely ordered untrained temps to operate machines, sped up presses beyond manufacturers’ specifications, and allowed oil to leak onto the floor. “Upper management knew all that. They just looked the other way,” says Wolfsberger

Come on down, Alabama!!!

I don’t get it. Don’t we have too many college graduates who struggle to find a job?
Does this imply “1.even college graduates don’t have sufficient reading and math skills” or “2.they are not interested in modern manufacturing jobs”. ?
As a matter of fact, I guess high school diploma should be sufficient.
Doe this mean “3.our high school education doesn’t meet basic requirement yet?”

The basic HS education isn’t adequate. College grads may not be qualified either. Most degrees don’t require much math. The degrees that require a lot of math usually pay well.

Our college and high school teaches a lot of liberal arts, not enough hard skills.

We have so many people with amazing soft skills, but very few people with hard skills. Hard skill people are treated badly thus kids do not want to develop hard skills

It’s considered cool to talk about politics without much reading and writing and thinking skills. It’s considered too nerdy to know real math, science, it’s considered low class to know how to do manufacturing job or too much technical skills

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True. Yet, my daughter’s high school sent all parents link to an article which claims that English majors make as much money as STEM majors statistically. Well, we the Asian parents don’t listen to it anyway.

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This is similar to the polls that Hillary will win for sure with a landslide win.

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People complain about tech jobs overrun by foreigners. Well, that’s because American culture associates the word “nerd” with “STEM”. Who wants to be a nerd anyway? So don’t complain! You’re getting what you deserve.


America has a surplus of useless over-educated liberal arts pseudo alt-science pundits. These useless people can’t find any good use of their alt-science soft skills, now their job is t produce first grade world class deception and confusion.

These alt-science will ruin the reputation of education. In the future, highly educated people may receive less respect and more suspicion from the public.

Really sad

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That’s because Americans chase the latest get-rich quick scheme and expect to make $100k+/yr with minimal education/training or effort. The good news is the laziness makes it pretty easy to reach the upper percentiles of income. The bad news is their laziness means they feel entitled to some of your income from working hard.

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I don’t like managers who are technically inferior but earn a higher salary than their subordinates. Because they have better soft skills than the hard skills. That’s why I quit these day jobs and went off on my own. Now I’m my boss and no need to listen to anyone! So free!!!