All about College!

Yup. That best college in America has 200% higher acceptance rate than one that’s not even in Top 10 on that list?

Sure. Whatever.


I guess you suddenly don’t believe in leaving it to the experts that study something. Instead, you make up your own arbitrary criteria. I need some time to laugh about that one.

Come on, man… it would be as if JD Power came out and said Chrysler and Jeep are tops in auto reliability and Toyota and Honda are not even in the top 10. Ridiculous!!!

Honestly though, when was the last time you heard the University of Florida was the best public school in the land??? NEVER!!!

On second thought…

Ultra-Rich Buy Ultra-Luxury Counseling to Get Kids Into Harvard
With 24/7 tutors and lots of hand-holding, high-end consultants are taking the admissions race to the next level.

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I am too poor.


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More fruitful to send your daughters to grooming classes.

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This is getting out of hand…

How crazy has this gotten? Rim said a parent at New York’s Trinity School — a $64,000-a-year Ivy League-feeder — once offered him $1.5 million if he would agree not to work with any of his child’s classmates (Rim declined).

This parent is willing to pay double to make the kid’s classmates didn’t get in.


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This is what happens when colleges got rid of standardized tests. Rich parents pay 100+K for consultants to game the system and middle class kids got no chance.

Rim said Command Education helped one high-schooler patent technology for sneakers that charge batteries. It helped another link up with a major sporting goods company to provide tennis gear and refurbish courts in underserved communities.

While ultra-wealthy families that can make a sizable donation still have an advantage in the admissions game, Strogov said the odds are stacked against “regular rich” applicants who must distinguish themselves from high-achieving peers.


From an interesting article from The Economist, comparing the American private high schools vs the ones in Britain.

The Economist: Should you send your children to private school?

America’s universities welcome those from grand schools with open arms. In 2021 James Murphy of Education Reform Now, a think-tank in Washington, DC collected data from 35 of America’s highest-ranked universities and liberal-arts colleges. He found that on average about 34% of their new undergraduates were educated in private high schools (see chart). That is astonishing given that the private sector educates just 8.5% of American high-schoolers. Pupils from “independent” schools do brilliantly. The most recently published data suggest they made up about one-third of new undergraduates at Dartmouth and more than a quarter at Princeton. “Legacy” preference, whereby the relatives of alumni get a leg-up in admissions, may explain some of this. Nothing so brazenly unfair happens at British universities.

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Interesting, but I would love stats on how well home schooled kids do.

Yes, small small sample but my sis home schooled two kids. Results:

  1. UCLA
  2. Oxford this fall

And yes, we have a chinese last name (LOL)


How did your sis achieve it? Isn’t it exhausting?

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Well, it helps to have a doctor husband (so you can at least attempt it wo worrying about minor things like your family’s finances). LOL

No, I give major props to my sis. She put her kids through a lot. If you thought a Tiger Mom was bad enough, let’s coin a meaner, tougher mom: a Dragon Mom!!! LOL


Here are the charts for the Cal State schools if you are interested.

Latest USNews Rankings by UC Campus. Interestingly Merced actually ranks higher than Riverside and Santa Cruz.

Campus Overall Rank Public Rank Yield Rate Admit Rate
UCLA 15 (tie) 1 (tie) 50% 8.76%
UCB 15 (tie) 1 (tie) 46% 11.57%
UCSD 28 (tie) 6 (tie) 21% 24.70%
UCD 28 (tie) 6 (tie) 18% 41.86%
UCI 33 10 22% 25.75%
UCSB 35 12 17% 27.89%
UCM 60 28 9% 93.34%
UCR 76 36 15% 70.94%
UCSC 82 40 12% 62.71%

Santa Cruz is a caldron of wokeness and environmental wackos. University of Florida is a party school on about the same level as Chico State… somebody needs to do an actual National Lampoon rating of the way schools actually are. When I started at Cal UC in 1971 Santa Cruz was harder to get in than Harvard… let’s face it… 18 year olds are prone to making bad decisions…
Faber College should be rated number 1

Cheaper means better? Counter intuitive…

Cal Poly, come on down!!!

Two California schools tie for best public college in the nation