Altcoin(s) for the week

Disclaimer: Keep your “it will burn and crash” comments away to another thread :slight_smile:

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How about we share our Altcoin(s) picks for the week. What is the normal hold period you guys for a new coin say XRB?

BTC ran out of steam and stablilizing now, hence want to foray more into Altcoins.

Below is what I gathered


PS: Dont know the scales and what it represents in the chart below, but the message is BTC is not shooting up to the moon, like I expected :slight_smile:


Bitcoin may not crash.

But as I said not long ago, the copycats will take away its luster. This idea needed to be a unique idea, and as anything in life, needed to be done with all the pros and cons debated. I think it will be used as an example of what is not to be done, or done. A good or bad experiment will be.

Anybody can say they made it big, but only those who believed in this original idea will cash in big time. And nobody will believe them.

This is good, I like this. I just made a killing on Tron, but I don’t know about the long term on that. I usually try to hold a few days depending on the news. Some I hold for my core altcoin assets that I’m looking for long term appreciation. I’m liking XLM, ENG, XMR. I’m also starting to look at REQ. They are building essentially a paypal/venmo for crypto+fiat. You never have to convert to their coins but there will be demand for it.

Finally a network for crypto and fiat.
How to buy? How much is it? Market cap?

It’s relatively low right now.

You have to buy on one of the side exchanges like binance. Check out their websites and read up about it, although investing in alts feels like the dotcom. Just buy anything and everything, and don’t be the last one standing when the music stops.

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What is the best exchange for altcoins? Coinbase does not trade much altcoins. I need an exchange that is secure and also offers the opportunity to buy hot altcoins quickly

ENG and XLM is good, i think XLM has at least another 2-3x in the short term (1-3 months), there are issues with eng on bittrex, but the team is good so it will also work.

XMR is the best coin out there in terms of privacy, sumo is a clone - i have sumos but it’s god damn hard to liquidate and github repository is very very inactive - which makes me suspicious. Doesn’t matter, it pumped :slight_smile:

My coin for this week is AELF, VEN and maaaybe SimpleTokenl. I have been hearing REQ, but i have no idea.

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binance and bittrex. bittrex is seattle based.

my investment thesis (so that i sound like an expert)

  1. Privacy: Monero, Zcash, Sumo - maybe pivx.
  2. Decentralized exchanges: 0x, Blocknet.
  3. Speed of transactions: byteball bytes, xlm (ripple founders).
  4. Good founders (people with almost no track record of starting a companywhatsoever, but they come from good schools or worked at good companies): ENG
  5. Asia. Vechain

AELF is a new one i am holding, though.

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Ripple founder started a few companies before. SF State graduate, Stanford MBA.

Why is ripple on fire lately? It has been around for a long time, why is it suddenly favored?

binance has paused on new user registration since its infrastructure can’t handle the surge in demand. Maybe this would slow down the altcoins

existing users should keep it going for some time.

today is a massive dump day :slight_smile:

Aaaand I just made some bets on Altcoins this week :frowning: Dang

I guess, the only way to liquidate Alts to Fiat is through BTC. Is that right? Does Bittrex and binance take ACH deposits?

So when BTC is on the rise like today, people tend to cash out? is that the big factor or normal rotation?

GDAX is the way i use, don’t know much about others. Buy the dips!

So Fiat to Coinbase via ACH and then Fiat to BTC via GDAX and then BTC to altcoin via GDAX?

You can skip one step. ACH Fiat -> GDAX BTC -> Bittrex BTC-> Bittrex Alts

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and binance alts.

BTC may make new highs in January, enough for the alts

i will refuse to own any btc for more than couple hours time, and i will use it as the “FIAT” of the crypto world.