Altcoin(s) for the week


BTC, or any other one. I mainly use ETH cause it’s faster and cheaper. BTC is slow and fees are high.


Any tips for this upcoming week? Given that crypto investment horizon is like 2 weeks? :slight_smile:


Bought heavy on the dip and feeling great :slight_smile: *pats self on back :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m long on VeChain and NEO lately. Holding a position in Icon for the upcoming mainnet launch and I also took a nice position in Enigma on the dip. I’m also considering making a small bet on ZCL for the upcoming Bitcoin private fork.

What are you in @tomato?

I’m also starting to look at promising ICOs, missed the Wanchain ICO :frowning:


@BAJacket if only you had come out and say before making the bets, I would have patted you on the back…

On a serious note, keep sharing the altcoin wisdom. I’m totally lost on how to navigate this area, granted haven’t spent muchh time.


I mostly stayed put, since i didnt want to put more, but next time, i sure will

Currently i have vechain, and finally doubled my capital on that.
I have aelf that i have been holding, but it is only slightly positive.
I bought game token with some smaller amount, it halved, but i have hope.
I sold eng when it was at peak-ish to buy zcl for the bitcoin private fork, and i want to more.

Things i am looking to do:

  1. When vechain doubles, move that money to aelf and maybe simpletoken.
  2. Increase my zcl position either with vechain money, or game token money.
  3. Initiate positions in pascalcoin and bismuth.

I also want to hit my milestone of x$ as total crypto wealth, when that happens, i will move money to cardano, neo and rai.


Oh also, i have sumokoins that i have been holding since when it was 2ish dollars :slight_smile:

And i started mining a stupid coin called dagger, and since the difficulty is low when i started, i was able to use cpu, so i setup a cluster in google cloud and surprisingly, it was profitable :slight_smile:


Yea, I’ve been looking at mining some stupid coins just to see where it goes. Looks like we’re in similar stuff, should keep this thread up so @RealEstatebull can follow us into the dark alt world :wink:


Why did you pick up aelf? Is the tech any good? I have some coins I’m holding long term cause of the tech, and some I watch for whale accumulation to day trade. I picked it up recently cause we identified massive accumulation - bought in and cost averaged to around 9k and sold for a nice quick profit at 15k. All in few days :slight_smile:


Aelf was somewhat random, some guy on blind app who made 90m$ off of 200k investment was mentioning some things he was looking at and this caught my attention.

Otherwise my long term thesis, as i probably mentioned before is: privacy(monero zcash sumo), decentralized apps(0x, blocknet), fast transactions(rai, pascal), smart contract things(eth, cardano etc). Among this, cardano is probably the most promising, but it is not exactly small cap :slight_smile:


I am curious about btcp. The guy is from mit, and seem to have been the creator of zcl and a contributor to bitcoin. So hard to go wrong. But again, bitcoin is not exactly somrthing im fond of to begin with.


Good lord, someone put 200k into it? Can’t imagine real fiat investment. Must have already made a killing on btc?


I was going down the coin market cap list and cardano is the first one costing less than $1. 0.6 I think. Will it go to $600?


@manch, you have to look at circulation. Cardano circulation is huge (31 Billion vs bitcoin at 21M), so even something like 3 or $4 is a stretch for it to reach in the nearer term. So always take that into account and not just look at the coin price. For example ethereum is around 4x circulation of bitcoin so even at bitcoin being 12k, it’d be 3k if it had same circulation as Ethereum.


Ok. Why don’t you guys build some altcoins monitoring software that alerts you which altcoins is breaking out? Down to the minute.


Who says we don’t :slight_smile:


How about tron? 0.07. Verge, 0.11? Siacoin, 0.05?


Haha Manch! You managed to pick a couple of the most hated and most loved coins, heavily shilled. Tron was overhyped without a working product. I made a nice 5-6x return on that, and I sold most of it and now I’ve got a free position on it so I’m going to hang on to it. I think it might have some potential in the long run, but in the short term the price is being too heavily manipulated by whales so I’d pass on that. Verge also had a heavy run up to the new year but because the communication from the devs is so haphazard people are shying away from it after being burned. Verge suffers from decent dev work with really crappy marketing / PR. I’d also probably pass on this one. Both these have been pretty flat ranging lately. I don’t know much about Siacoin, I think I’ve heard some good things about it. Too many coins to keep track of all, maybe @tomato knows something?

I do think we should keep a rolling tab on coins we’re looking at since no one person can track the whole coin market. So far tomato and I have picked some decent ones with good gains. I’m also lately looking at AION. I think if Icon has a good mainnet launch and summit this strategic partnership between AION-ICX-WAN will be good moving forward.


Tron is the biggest scam of 2017/8 and people got what they deserved. I tried to convince them other wie but no.


Can I pay you and tomato a fee for managing my binance account? Will see who wins. Cryptohedfe fund fight


I’m guessing @tomato. He seems to have a better network of folks around him investing and more time to research. We are still on this forum here for real estate right :wink: I still have to manage my rentals and find tenants :smiley: