Altcoin(s) for the week


Or we’ll tie, since your account with be worth zero after a binance hack lol.


You guys need to build software to monitor the whole thing. It needs to not only check price trend, but also github checkins and does sentiment analysis on reddit. Cmon. Put your hard earned CS skill to real use. And give me a free ride on that of course. :smile:


What are you using Then?


Too bad I’m not a real engineer. Maybe tomato is? Funny you say that Manch, my friend and I were recently talking about we need to have an analytics engine to do exactly what you mentioned, check against reddit, github and price trends and apply some basic TA. Neither of us have time though :frowning:

I’m trying to convince him that if we build it then we can sell it if it’s successful :smiley: Charge a mere 0.05 btc.


The more I hear about crypto the less interested I get…a casino for the uniformed and confused…


You can build a real startup with that analytics engine. Think big!


HAh! yes, i am an engineer, but while i could build a SPY of stock market for crypto, it’s not fun :slight_smile: Some exchanges like binance have apis that you can buy and sell. and you could have target allocations

I am not interested in a fight between BAJacket or me, because it’s pure luck :slight_smile: Whoever says otherwise either is an insider, or is lying to himself.

As @BAJacket mentioned, some of this is networking and researches, and so much is going on that it is hard to time the whole thing. And with crypto, everything is overhyped, too. Tron, the most stupid crypto-shit of all times, have announced almost self-dealing announcements, and the thing got sky high, and ocuple weeks later, it fell hell-low.

If you wanna get started somehow, go with the big guys - cardano, eth, neo, (no bitcoin please), rai, monero, stellar, vechain - and chances are you will make decent.


Also some of the people who make the most have deep networks and can get into most of the “early bird” specials for ICO’s - which is another way to pump and dump in some way. Early birds get like 50% discount, so by the time token gets listed on an exchange, they are already at 2x, so they dump, and those who bought on the mainsale gets hurt. If there is some promise behind, it goes higher again, but it’s not guaranteed :slight_smile:


only some coins can keep their valuations, the market seem to be going down otherwise. i have 9 more days before @wuqijun buys me chickfila :slight_smile:


someone put 200K into “crypto” not a particular coin. And he probably did it before May, which is when all the coins unexpectedly started pumping big time.


Or maybe i should get the money and put it back to crypto, so i can buy 100 chickfilas in 3 months. hmm :stuck_out_tongue:


Um… it ain’t over until the fat lady sings… :wink:


Ohhhh, you made it sound like aelf alone. I have a couple of friends that put in close to that range. Let’s just say i asked him for a lambo, and he told me to get in line :rofl:


:slight_smile: if i made lambo money, i would be stupid to buy lambo for sure. buy real estate, or something, but not a car that depreciates. unless it something classic.


Turns out my friend from college’s twin brother is the first guy to buy a lambo with bitcoin. He’s the dude with the garage videos on that pub channel. :joy:


@BAJacket Thoughts on NXT? Never looked into it before, but seems down big time from its highs.


Not familiar with that one either.


I will probably rack up some.


And vechain is on fire!


Yep, Bought some yesterday. Wonder if it starts to correct now that it has gone up