Altcoin(s) for the week


I have seen python, c++, nodejs, and even php

i hope someone writes rust at somep oint.


I would never buy anything written in php. That’s indicative of the devs’ level.


php was particularly bad :slight_smile: i agree.


ah also i have seen java, and c# too.


Node is bad too. Won’t touch anything in JS.


node is not bad at all :slight_smile:


What is the first coin written in node? How did that come about? I thought all coin code branched off the original?


byteball is nodejs, and it’s a fairly “practical” coin.

not all coins forked off bitcoin - monero is c++ (iirc) but did not fork of bitcoin.
raiblocks, i think is similar - did not fork.


So does it mean it’s relatively easy to code a coin from scratch? How many person year do you think it takes?


less than 1. it’s not magic.

however, cloning an existing coin is most often a better idea. There can be bugs that gives you “overflows” which can result in infinite coin creation, so you don’t want these to happen. Cloning gives you the edge of not repeating these bugs.


I think writing about the development history of the coins would make a very good read. Anything on this topic?


I don’t think the stealth stuff they are working on is in the public github, but either way I threw peanuts at it. This one is a longshot for me anyways. I have pretty sizable chunks in Monero and ZClassic for my privacy related stuff. I’m waiting to get in on the Keep ICO as well.


There are some platforms now that set it up for you. You don’t even need to know to code, but this is for more basic use cases, nothing revolutionary.


you want manchcoin? i would pay 0.001$/coin at 100000000 supply.


Stealing from kids and widows is not my thang…


but so much potential. dev team is good, whitepaper is good, we can make it a real thing!!

btw, remember my crypto-fund idea for buying real estate… now that’s a real idea i would definitely think…


I’m thinking MachoManch coin that gives off Wuqijun Gas. Could be the next NEO/GAS.


manchcoin would probably have masternodes which gives manch “dividends”. you can think this as an “active income”, and probably can put into 401k tax free!!!



@tomato, have you looked at Polymath? Thoughts?