Amazing Alibaba

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I see this is sold here at least $139, but advertised in alibaba for $20-$30. The company seems to be from USA !

How genuine Alibaba products are?

The package has Apple logo but the name says “Fresh Fruit-Quality Earphone”. Obviously pirated stuff.

In a few months expect to see a news story saying Apple earphones burned someones ears.

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I remover when sports franchises crossed the $100M mark. That was seen as a huge number. There’s no way they price is justified based on future cash flows. It’s just a way for the insanely rich to compete against each other.

Alibaba’s New Chairman Says He Has to Reinvent Retail Before Someone Else Does

Daniel Zhang isn’t worried about replacing Jack Ma. He’s worried about replacing Alibaba.

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Similar stuff to other article

Saw this clip of Jack Ma and Elon Musk interacting! Must watch :rofl:

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Neat, I have to visit one of the stores sometime! :slight_smile:

I don’t get it, did they cut out the good parts? There was no engagement between the two of them.

Full debate. An example of East and West can’t communicate?

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An example of human and Martian trying to communicate (just kidding, it was much better in full.)

So why do you guys think jack ma quit ?

He was forced out. Same thing happened to Pony Ma and Richard Liu.

Power of CCP

And power of Mao #2 lol