Amazon Go, New cashier less concept in live 2017!

Watch the video, it is really amazing and coming live in 2017 !

Yep so much for min wage increase…Technology will put store clerks out of work. …


With this new technology, “Amazon Working on Several Grocery-Store Formats, Could Open More Than 2,000 Locations”

Only available in Seattle now… another advantage of living in Seattle. :slight_smile:

I hope you know their warehouses are powered by robots and automated delivery systems.

Seattle is pilot project. If successful, implementing other locations are easy. Amazon is completely going Automation.

Actually, of all the tech companies I ever dealt with, Amazon is the most human-intensive. If something went wrong with your Gmail, you don’t get a phone number to call. With Amazon you can just pick up the phone and call, and a real human being will answer. They are not afraid to throw humans at a task.

Amazon has almost 300K employees back in June. I think it may very well has exceeded that by now.

The Amazon GO store is not about saving wages. It’s a side benefit. I think the main benefit is reduce customer friction. It makes the shopping experience so easy it’s magical. Amazon is really a customer focused company.


They are projecting 1M employees by 2020, so it’s definitely not all automation.

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Seattle is a great place for robots…Humans maybe…if they like dark and dreary weather

In the 30’s and raining for the next week…Local skiing is notoriously bad…Have to drive to Whistler for world class skiing…Otherwise burrow in for the next 5 months of dark wet weather

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