Amazon HQ2



Is why I hate Austin getting it because of such shocking concessions which have to be borne by tax payers, most likely through increase in property tax.


BA is out


If such concessions are needed to get a company to BA, “bye bye Amazon… we don’t need YOU to flourish”


Bay Area will host the coming startups that destroy amazon.

Now I am rooting for La La Land. Keeping it within the family they say. :smile:


I should have known about this all along. Big company and politicians in Capitol Hill rub each other’s back and kiss each other’s ass. Disgusting!!! I am officially boycotting Amazon!!! :rofl:


Amazon marketplace is not the best price anyways(and that has been so for many many years now). They just have really wide selection under one place. So, I hardly buy much from Amazon.
Spent just $175 in 2017, similar in 2016.


Which IPOs from the last 5 years are above IPO price? There’s far more that are below IPO price, and the stock market is up huge in the last 5 years. The IPOs are grossly under performing.


Amzn margins are purely due to AWS. Their retail margins are miniscule. Other retailers are reducing the gap with Amazon daily.


I have the same impression. Investors have gone gaga about this point and feel that AMZN would takeover the world because of that.


I’d say LA will win. Excellent weather. Plenty of cheap labor. Large airport nearby and there’s transit. Actually Diridon would’ve fulfilled most if not all their requirements, but they slept while Google acted. It’s bit shocking how Google has completely hijacked all the land near an excellent public resource. Other big tech companies shouldn’t have let them walk away so easily.


There is also plenty of fierce competition from MSFT, GOOG (companies with deep financial & technical resources) for Cloud services.




The startups that IPO’ed so far are tiny ones. None of the big unicorns have come forward yet. Maybe the floodgate will open with Dropbox but no that’s not gonna destroy amazon.

Amazon is set for the next 10-20 years like how Microsoft and IBM used to dominate. The one that unseats it will come from the left field where nobody expects. Back in 1996 who would have thought an online bookseller will become a 500B monster?


Wake me up when a unicorn is higher 1-year after IPO than on IPO day.


The next big unicorns going IPO are actually the Chinese ones. Rumor has it that Xiaomi will IPO later this year in Hong Kong. A couple big Chinese FinTech startups are also in the pipeline. Nothing exciting yet stateside.


Remember Box IPO?


waiting for airbnb.


I love LA as much as any former Bruin but the fact is the traffic down there is a nightmare, day in, day out. My co-workers loathe going physically into work. What normally should be a quick drive ends up being an hour ordeal. I miss Westwood, but that is about it…


Bay area traffic is like LA now(I’m guessing).


Agreed, and imagine SJ when even more jobs are created. Is the mass transportation system adequate enough to handle such an influx of people?