Amazon is buying Whole Foods


Seems like a good excuse to share this hilarious video:

Discovered the song when Pandora played it on a friend’s Cypress Hill station.


Amazon is the most innovative company in the US and Bezos the best CEO.

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You can research my postings, I said it once that Amazon would be so good your head would be spinning…:laughing:

Hey, hey, come on…


Elon “sure, your car is coming soon” Musk

On Friday morning, Amazon announced it was buying Whole Foods Market for more than $13 billion. About an hour later, Amazon’s stock had risen by about 3 percent, adding $14 billion to its value.

Amazon basically bought the country’s sixth-largest grocery store for free.


I was surprised the entire Whole Foods can be bought for “only” 13B. That worthless company aka Snap is worth 20B. Twitter is 12B.

It’s a wickedly smart move for Bezos to buy Whole Foods.

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The real question is will there be a bidding war for it. The stock market seems to think so pricing WFM above the acquisition price. If I was more aggressive/crazy, I’d sell a bunch of $42 puts about 6 months out and use the proceeds to buy $42 calls. There’s only downside if the deal doesn’t close and another buyer doesn’t emerge. That seems unlikely.

More humor Whole Foods humor:

That was hillarious.

Whole foods - whole paycheck.

A rather limited market.

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Whole foods mantra, sell overpriced over hyped “food” to neurotic techies who think it will make them live longer…Sell processed meals at restaurant prices to people who can’t cook…I prefer Costco and SmartnFinal

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It’d be bad business to remove brands that are popular with customers.


wow, you should come and check out Smart and Final in MV now. It has expanded and revamped. Prices still very good. They are still trying to figure their aisles, but much better than before. Between Nijiya Market and Anderson Bakery which sells my fav two breads.