Amazon Mulls Move Into Real Estate, Zillow Tanks

Here’s how Zillow’s stock is doing:

Wow! Amazon is taking over everything. Groceries, real estate. I see groceries but real estate seems outside their corporate strengths but maybe it will result in something interesting.

You can find handyman on Amazon, so it seems they want to expand it to include real estate agents. Which makes total sense.

I’ve seen small companies doing that, until they explode for trying to grab so many things at a time.

I think it takes time and $ to structure a sales force, only to let it go when things go South.

Amazon should stick to normal sales and delivery, that’s what they do like no other company. Well, maybe Ebay.

Should I switch some stocks to Amazon? Here’s a potential list:

  1. S&P Index fund
  2. APPL
  3. GOOG
  4. BIDU
  5. BABA
  6. FB
  7. YELP
  8. TLSA
  9. NFLX
  10. TWTR

Which one(s) should I sell to convert to AMZN? (Assume I have equal holdings of everything and tax consequence is not a consideration)

I’m thinking AMZN should sell a chip that u put in our head fr a discount in, and then over a period of time understand user behavior of entire world then they can take over our lives. Lol

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I’d dump YELP and TWTR. Do you really think they’ll outperform Amazon over the next 5-10 years? I own: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 on your list. I feel GOOG and FB are on a collision course, since they are so dependent on ad revenue. I’d consider GOOG if they actually develop some other meaningful revenue streams.


Yelp and twtr are tiny little companies, amzn is a giant. I was thinking more of an Apple to Apple transfer rather than small cap to mega cap. But I see your point…

If you are going to invest in a small cap, invest in one that’s growing fast.

Which one???

I own UBNT and SQ.

I also like XBI which is a equal weight biotech ETF. The equal weighting (everything is <3% of holdings) makes it so the smaller, higher volatility biotechs determine the performance. I like the exposure to a fast growing area. Plus, one failed drug trial doesn’t cause you to lose 50% the way individual stocks can.

Interesting, both SQ and TWTR are headed by jack dorsey… maybe I should sell Twtr and buy SQ.

Why don’t you learn from @marcus335’s example and give us your account password? Let us have some fun!


Drop Netflix

Wait but then who’s going to pay the $10 commission for buying and selling? :slight_smile:


It’s on Robinhood, so there’s no commission.

Twitter just announced a new CEO. The stock was up on the news. Now Dorsey can focus on SQ.

Really??? I searched long and hard for who the new CEO is to no avail…

Big boys are encroaching. Amazon video. YouTube TV. DirecTV Now. Hulu. Soon Apple Video.
I subscribed to Netflix but mostly watched YouTube.

Streaming of music, audio and video are necessary for automatous cars. So expect Tesla to come in soon or later too.

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Oops. It was new CFO.