Amazon Will Be Broken Up


Our favorite professor. 1T market cap in 3 years though.


Amazon is just a wee little company with 5% market share of retail sales and <1% market share of grocery sales. That hardly screams monopoly or break it up. Also, 47% of that retail volume is FBA 3rd party. It’s creating an avenue for entrepreneurs to get their product to market easily. That makes FBA a huge creator of small businesses and jobs.


For now…

Please reference “Death Of Retail” and our “Amazing Amazon” threads…:grinning:

Break it up!!! Break it up!!!


FBA is pure genius move. There is one argument that Amazon is buying Whole Foods as a customer to jump start its fresh food fulfillment network. So maybe there will be some sort of FBA for fresh food?



There already is. In the South Bay, Prime Now delivers groceries from Sprouts. In Seattle, I can use Prime Now to get groceries from 3 different grocery stores. It’s all through the Prime Now app or the Prime Now website:

There’s very little marketing behind this, but it’s 2-hour delivery of thousands of items from Amazon or third parties (in some cities). There’s also food delivery from restaurants.


Amazon wants to get into real estate, into whatever. That calls for other business people affected to get into action.

I believe Ebay saw the writing on the wall and kept themselves doing what they are good at. Being quietly doing business is somehow the best way to be kept out of the cross hairs of the government.


Well, eBay definitely needs to just concentrate on its own business quite frankly. Ebay has alienated a lot of big time sellers and made them go elsewhere. I get it, eBay wants many more users, so it tends to be more pro-buyer vs pro seller but let’s be honest fraud or misbehavior can be both sides yet sellers seem to always get the short end of the stick. I occasionally still dabble with eBay selling but it is not like it used to be…


Yes comrade, Ebay is pro-buyer. But still get lots of customers.

I had a case 2 months ago. I sold 2 lots to a lady, who was a seller on the other side. I caught her moving to get my products and my money. I called Ebay CS, and told them of what was coming, she did it as I told the reps., a negative feedback and an extortion embedded in a not polite email telling me that if I didn’t give her a huge discount she wouldn’t leave me a good FB. The negative was erased and she didn’t get my money. She may still be fuming. :smile:


That is exactly why sellers have moved on to either doing their own website if sustainable (agreed, tough considering ebay’s reach) or going to other selling sites. It is the classic, “We are the largest venue, so suck it up and do whatever we tell you” story all over again…


Don’t mess with Bezos!!


“I sell books.” versus “I sell whatever the f**k I want.”


Money will make anyone walk tall and proud…


That’s the difference between buying in Whole Foods and buying the whole f**king Whole Foods.


Going back to the pics…

Left side: Please, please, don’t F with me…please

Right side: Come on, F with me… I want you to


Bezos is awesome. He will be the world’s first 100B man. Gates would have been had he held on more of his money.


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Donald Trump thinks Jeff Bezos is his biggest threat

At the end of a day that had seen President Donald Trump spend plenty of time on Twitter, Trump had one final flurry of tweets to lob at a familiar target: Amazon (AMZN) CEO and Washington Post-owner Jeff Bezos.

“So many stories about me in the @washingtonpost are Fake News,” Trump tweeted. “They are as bad as ratings challenged @CNN. Lobbyist for Amazon and taxes?”

Clarifying the rhetorical question posed at end of his previous tweet, Trump added: “Is Fake News Washington Post being used as a lobbyist weapon against Congress to keep Politicians from looking into Amazon no-tax monopoly?”


Donald Trump is the biggest threat to our democracy since the Civil War. 2018 can’t come fast enough.