Amazon Will Be Broken Up


That’s a pretty bold statement. I didn’t realize people lost voting rights, and the US became a dictatorship.


became & lost in your comment above are past tense, indicating something has already happened.

Donald Trump is the biggest threat to our democracy since the Civil War. 2018 can’t come fast enough.

The comment above from @manch usesKeyword is threat, i.e. it can be a high possibility & is negative.


Right, and exactly how would that happen? What would it look like?


Trump is increasingly behaving like a king. He’s pressuring Sessions to resign, itching to fire Mueller and wondering out loud whether he can pardon himself. And he’s attacking the free press and making threats, as the head of the executive branch, to anyone criticizing him.

It’s no longer a political crisis any more. It’s setting up to be a constitutional crisis.

Put aside one’s political glasses, it’s obvious to anyone objective this is highly unusual.


So you trust the media? It’s pretty bad when Breitbart calls you out on reporting fake news.

I showed how biased the headlines of the CBO budget review were. All the headlines were referring to the exact same CBO report. Some were intentionally written to make Trump look as bad as possible. They ignored the fact the proposed budget had the largest deficit reduction ever scored by the CBO. Saying that wouldn’t fit their political agenda though. If all you do is read headlines, then you’re missing what’s really happening. You’re getting a completely biased spin, and they are betting on the fact you’ll never read the actual report. We live in society where people only care about the headline, they accept it as true, and they start repeating it. Once that happens, nothing is going to change their mind. That’s how we get a completely uninformed public. Their entire world is based on emotional reactions to headlines designed to cause that specific reaction and manipulate them.

It’s the exact same with the Comey statement on Hillary. Just look at the headlines and spin. Then go read Comey’s full statement.

We’re not even talking crazy extremist news sources that have blatant bias. We’re talking about the allegedly legit news sources: CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC. They are nothing more than con artists that create headlines to trigger the emotional reaction they want. Once people attach and repeat it, then it’s an indisputable fact in their mind.


I just go with the original material here. Which one of the following is not true:

  1. Trump is trying to push out Sessions
  2. Trump wants to fire Mueller
  3. Trump is attacking the press
  4. Trump is attacking people who don’t “respect” him and disagree with him
  5. Trump is wondering out loud to pardon himself

For any one of the above I can cite Trump’s own tweets and interviews.

Media is not 100% fool proof. Sometimes it gets stuff wrong. That’s why you don’t just go with one source. You check with other news outlets. But to say news media is all corrupt and we should just trust the official outlet is too North Korean for my taste.

  1. A president has never fired or asked an AG to resign?
  2. How long are they going to investigate him without finding anything? Comey admitted they have zero evidence.
  3. If they are lying, then it’s about time someone stood up to them
  4. He should STFU on twitter
  5. That’s one way to move on from an investigation that’s found nothing. He could always testify “I don’t recall” over and over.

The news media purposely using misleading headlines to create an emotional reaction. It works, and it sells.


primenow sucks. True story. Wifey just ordered me some ice cream using Prime Now. They delivered it, left it in the sun and didnt knock on the door or ring the door bell. By the time she saw the email notification and opened the door it had all melted. They still have some kinks to work out.


Come on, @BA_lurker…ice cream?..via Amazon Prime? OMG, seriously? That’s something millennials try to pull…:grinning:





Some great advice from Bezos:

As you might imagine, I often get asked by young entrepreneurs for advice on how to start a business. What many seem to want is some sort of trick, some magic set of tools that will allow them to launch a thriving startup from scratch. Well, there’s no magic involved, but the keys to success are quite simple: Value your customers, hire well, find a market that isn’t being served, and realize that someday I will utterly crush you.

That’s really all there is to it. Execute the basics correctly and you’ll be in great shape when I come along and rip away your dreams with one emotionless pen stroke.


Can’t have this going on right??? Shut it down!!! (after 20 years in Fremont first…)


Another installment from our favorite professor.

The biggest challenge to FANG is regulation. Big Tech has become the Standard Oil and the railroad barons of the 21st century.


Regulation is definitely coming for all the tech companies that generate revenue from ads. They’ve been exempt from the same ad laws that TV and radio are. I imagine that’s about to end.


Too much power!!!


Wow, that’s an even smaller percent than I thought. That’s why it’s silly to say all these retailers are closing locations because of Amazon.


To be continued of course…


Can blame AMZN because it is the last straw that broke the camel’s back.