Amazon Will Be Broken Up


Totally my fault. Apparently we spent over $4K on Amazon last year.


What was Walmart’s percentage?


Ok, enough… do you want a house or nick nacks??? (my sister sounds like you…she has a home but ideally wants a bigger house but can’t swing it. Why???)


Knick nacks? What do you think I’m running here? a museum?

Toner cartridges (color printer–so that’s 4 of them–better price than Staples even on sale), car parts, shoes, tuxes for wedding (sister’s wedding–had to have them–good price though), halloween costumes/parts, floss, toothpaste, shampoo, bandaids, kleenax/toilet paper, wood, bags, and boxes for the business I was starting; vitamins, a handful of TV shows. Umbrella, electric toothbrush (well worth it–the dentist said his teeth cleaning had improved drastically), and food–I do buy some food on amazon, though I try not to do much. Games for the kids–That’s their choice–they have an allowance. Lunchbox (kid did get 4.5 years out of the old one). Backpack. Ant traps. gifts (most gifts we give come via amazon unless they’re gift certificates)




This is why I’m buying amazon stock. They’re taking over. And I’ve succumbed.

But I do like to root for the small guy, so I’m going to be more conscious of buying stuff elsewhere a bit, especially for the grocery stuff.


I WANT YOU TO HAVE A F****** HOUSE ! ! ! ! ! ! !

(sorry for the swearing…)


Me too, but even I have standards–I’m still going to use toilet paper you know…


Use the SF Examiner!!!


Also probably 10% of that is materials I bought for running a business. Free Prime shipping makes it cheaper than ordering directly from the suppliers who will charge shipping.


Dude, that’s weird.


Well, Progressive writers get some guano…


I only spent $4,300. I’m actually surprised. I use subscribe and save for a lot of stuff. I’ve used Prime Now for groceries too. I would have guessed twice that.


Ha! See sfdragonboy, it’s not just me.

Once you get started shopping there, it really is easier. Don’t have to go out all the time.

I priced the Kleenax/TP and it was below the local store. Subscribe and save can be good. [Add: But you do have to watch for price creep.]


Any of you used “Boxed”? It bills itself as some sort of Costco online.


Never heard of it.


wow. That’s interesting–if they can get an edge on Amazon for bulk orders, they’ll be worth watching.


Well, @marcus335 has an incentive to use Big Amazon…


Well, we did too–we started using it when my husband was working there. “Product testing.” :slight_smile:

So let’s address the elephant in the room–WTH won’t Amazon give their employees free Prime membership???


I actually knew about Boxed from a Chinese article. They have an interesting model.