Amazon Will Be Broken Up




Costco has shown they can fight off Amazon, at least for now. Some bulk items are light weight and shipping them can be cost effective. That’s what Boxed is focused on right now. That’s an interesting niche.

Actually why don’t you go there and compare Boxed’s price against Amazon’s?



Uh, because I want to make as much money as possible???


Jeff “God” Bezos


4 feet longer for the same price :grinning:


I don’t go through stuff fast enough to buy in bulk. I could see it making sense in a big enough family. I’ve never been a costco member, so I doubt boxed would be that useful. I honestly loathe going to brick and mortar stores, so online is the way to go for me.

I have subscribe and save with 3 different types of dog food (regular, senior, and wet food). So subscribe and save is an easy way to get 15% off any items that I need regularly. It was a bit of a pain to get the frequency of things right, but it’s easy enough to defer or change frequency when you get the monthly email. I’m all about automation or simplification of tasks whenever possible.


Recall you don’t have a car so can’t take advantage of the gas :smile: loss leader from Costco.
Mainly buy beverages, eggs, prime steaks and clothes (myself only).

Other fresh grocery are from HMart, Ranch 99 and Marukai. Sometimes, Marina, Sprouts, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe.

My wife buys often from AMZN, I mostly buy tools and appliances, most recent is the instant pot



Thanks for posting that comparison. I don’t have a Costco card–my comparison was against Lucky’s with an assumption that Safeway was higher.

We’re getting this one which sometimes comes as 6 boxes of 170 also. When I originally signed up, I think the price was $8 or so which was great.

That said, two years ago, I did do a comparison against Costco–in store–when my parents were here and bugging me, and I could not find anything except batteries which were the brands/versions I wanted. The only kleenax they had was the medicated kind. The toilet paper wasn’t the kind i wanted (If I recall a lot of fluffy toilet paper which the kids go through really fast not the thin-Scotts kind). The napkins were vanity fair style, not the grocery store style (though I could live with that), couldn’t find All free and clear (I can’t remember if it had the scent or the oxiclean). None of the toothpaste my kids or husband use, not the floss we use, no Scope mouthwash. I think even the Irish Spring was different from what my husband uses, no ivory soap. No apple shampoo. None of the paper towels were pick-a-size, but I could live with that too. Razors didn’t match our handles.

The only thing I could find that I would be happy buying was batteries, and we’ve gone to mostly rechargables. With kids, I can’t just change up the flavors/smells, so I need to have brand consistency.

Costco is a minefield for me. I don’t think I’m aspergers or autistic or anything, but I find it extremely overwhelming, more so now than when I was younger and had a membership for BJs which is similar. I find the sheer quantities of crap depressing now, and when I go with my parents, I inevitably buy things I don’t need. I’m very very concerned about the quantity of junk food my parents eat–everything comes in a 6 pack of extra large muffins/cake loafs. I don’t have a membership even though I have one maybe 3 miles from me. If I can get this stuff online, though, I could see doing that… So I will take a closer look at that. But I can’t let myself walk into a store.

One thing that hasn’t been discussed here–when I buy on Amazon, every purchase is targeted. I sit down and say “I need xyz, what is available?” When you walk into Costco, you can walk out with junk you never ever intended to buy or didn’t know existed.

There are very few stores that do this to me, but Costco is apparently one. Michaels and craft stores are another. Oddly enough Home Depot is not–I can walk into Home Depot and come out only with the things I need to do projects I’ve planned. At worst I toss some batteries into my cart that I’m not sure I need or grab a candy bar at checkout.

But Costco scares the heck out of me.


Is that Kleenex the same as this one on Boxed?

I have a feeling Bezos will buy out Boxed.


No… Never heard of this brand.


Amazon broke 1200.


Will Costco buy Boxed?

Is it time to sell COST stock?


Sold mine already.


Amazon should buy boxed. Pocket change for Bezos. Get rid of competition and drive nails to Costco’s coffin.


Costco is good for meat, seafood (some), eggs, cheese, beer, oils, nuts, some snacks and wines. Their Kirkland brand wines are wonderful and inexpensive. For regular drinking, I normally but 10-12 buck wines, but at Costco, I can sometimes find good value at 7.


After returning from Japan last year, I saw Miyazaki grade 5 (better than Kobe) from Japan at Costco for $1K. Could not resist, I bought and cut into different sizes.

My husband saw $1K charge and asked what I purchased from Costco. I said beef. He could not believe I paid $1K for meat.

Now, he thinks it’s one of the best values around. I’ve had like 12 servings or so for us, family visiting, and friends. They all just moan with delight. Still have approx 20 more servings to go. So rich and tasty, a small quantity satisfies.


So that beef is $10 per bite? :scream:


That good? I buy US prime grade ribeye all the time. Expensive but not $1k :slight_smile:
Also buy black this black that pork and beef from Marukai. Also thinly sliced Kobe and Wagyu for hot pot.


Incredibly good. I’ve had prime, wagyu, etc, but nothing compares to Kobe or Miyazaki beef. I believe mine was 10 lb when Costco was selling the same beef. You can look at it and buy from these people. They even grade the color and fat :smile:


I like red meat but prefer some of these babies instead…