Amazon Will Be Broken Up


I still hold COST options, made a bank :slight_smile:





Who wants to be acquired by Kroger? You’d go from Pre-IPO stock in a hot startup to stock in a grocery store chain. It seems like that’d lead to a massive talent drain.

$500M is almost rounding error for Amazon. I’m shocked their sales are only $100M. 4 distribution centers isn’t much. It’ll cost them a ton to build out a network and minimize shipping costs.


They will go to Costco when they get older. :slight_smile: I never though i would be the Costco type when i was younger. Now I have an executive membership and do pretty much weekly runs. Having kids changes things

also when not doing weekly runs, I am probably getting Costco delivered via Google Express


I love Costco. Great quality and great service. Plus you can order anything on line. Have it delivered or store pickup. My wife orders on line. Half the stuff has to be returned. Love to be able to return to an actual store, unlike Amazon


At the end of the day, we all need toilet paper…lots and lots of it!!!


We buy toilet paper on amazon. Subscribe and Save.


I like the quality of the food at Costco. Plus great prices and liberal return policy. They will take back anything. Even a used up Christmas tree…


One thing that is nice is the cashback program with Costco’s credit card. I charge everything on it now, instead of my Chase card and I guess I am getting back a few hundred bucks next statement for only about a half year’s of charges. Sweet!!!


I shop at Costco all the time. Amazon is more expensive even with the subscribe and save option. I only buy 2-3 small items from the site annually.


And I thought I bought expensive meat… This makes pastured beef look cheap.


Instacart plans to double their Product and Engineering teams this year, and is hiring 200 people.

Anyone interested? Jobs in SF.

Did not know Instacart is the 3rd most funded startup ever to emerge from Y Combinator, behind Dropbox and AirBnB. Founder used to work for Amazon up in Seattle and got itchy to start something of his own. So naturally he moved down to Bay Area to strike gold.


Wow Meguro! Baller status.




That makes no sense. There’a literally zero reason for AWS and retail to violate anti-trust laws. If anything is anti-trust, it’d be splitting up retail into smaller parts.



Amazon, stop being evil.


Amazon’s the neo Walmart.