An Actually Livable House in PA for under 2M

It’s NOT a tear down, and actually have what looks like new kitchen and bathrooms! And HUGE lot at 7200 ft!

All for 1.8M.

Is this the slowdown we have been waiting for?

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But that tree house is another 500K, must buy since it has easement rights…


Price it low, watch it go!

But yes, statistically, PA seems to be slowing down or leveling off:

Seems to be flat lining. Not noticeable dip yet.

I remember seeing 1.5 or 1.6M teardowns in PA all the time last year or so. Quite a surprise to see a decent house at under 1.8.

Yes, @sfdragonboy that tree house is awesome!

Prices won’t go down in PA. People would pay through their noses to be near Mark, Larry and Marissa. In fact, these guys love to buy houses around their home, reducing inventory.

Pending. Anyone here bought it?

That is one property tax bill I don’t ever want to see…

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I still tell my wife once in a while we will eventually live in PA. :sob:

What’s the draw? It’s not the Chinese food, but would you want those schools?

PA schools are awesome. I am still researching my options about quality high schools in SF. So far it looks pretty grim.

I am more convinced now than ever the best Chinese food is all in South Bay. :smile: There may not be much in PA itself but lots of good stuff in Cupertino, Sunnyvale and San Jose. Plus I love college towns. I still day dream about one day to casually wonder into some physics or math classes and sit down for an hour of stimulating entertainment…

I thought it was Lowell or bust for HS in SF. I would look at private schools as well. Depending on what you’re looking for, you may not be able to get it in a public school. I love the curriculum at my kid’s middle school. I’m not sure it’s even possible to do it with a Charter, let alone a public school. The fact that one of the GATE public schools around here had to get explicit approval to not have to do parts of the curriculum made me really wonder about government regulations in public schools. Though I do feel like high schools have a lot more flexibility in offering a lot of different classes at different age levels. Pretty hard to have an 8th grader taking Calculus in a public middle school, but easier for a 9th grade in high school.

Agree with you regarding the Chinese food. Mountain View has a couple of nice places too, but I don’t make it down there very often.

You’re making me want Dim Sum right now…

If you want a nice tree house:

Full height with working electricity too!

Owner of the home was a contractor.

Is that your house?

No… It was the one that we backed out of because of the gang issues.

SOLD!!! 50K UNDER asking!!

1.725M is not a bad price. Yes, it’s a bit too close to the 101. But man, this is PA! And that tree house makes up for it somewhat.

PA has peaked in this cycle and coming down a bit now.

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Isn’t sold price too low compare to other PA properties recently sold especially given lot size?
I am curious what was the reason.
Although i agree that high-end market is slowing down, this deal seems too good to be true.

I looked at the MLS nothing jumps out. Seems to be a straightforward sale. Buyer agent is Juliana Lee.

You may call her directly to ask her more about the house. Tell her you are interested in buying and she will spill the beans I am sure. :slight_smile: She seems to be a very productive agent, and has quite a few listings in PA and beyond.

See the two townhouses on that list? 1.7M and 1.9M. The Maddux house is great value for 1.7M.

Exactly. This is such a good deal.
However, PA is obviously out of reach for me.
I was just curious. :slight_smile:

Looking on google street view, there is high voltage power line behind the house, running next to the creek. There is a tower right behind this house.

Plus the proximity to 101, which is not great, but probably secondary to the high voltage power line.

For those who doesn’t care or believe in EMF causing health issue, this is a good buy. Though there will also be discount when selling in the future.