Anaplan files for IPO

They probably aren’t big enough to move the needle on housing, but they are in SF.

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Ok, fine… a quiet, “cha-ching”

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Big payday for @harriet!

Is this gonna happen every time a company goes IPO from now on? :sweat:
Although one of their recruiters did try to poach me a few years ago.

See? We are getting close! :smile:

Not really, I get these almost every other day :smile:

Name some. So we can cross out a few candidates. :thinking:

Here’s one for ya: got one from Google recently :smile_cat:

Wow you turned down the world famous google burger because you can’t stand @tomato? :smile:

She can’t pass the first phone interview.

Wrong, I didn’t respond to their poaching email.

i am a likable person overall. I am friendly. I am not so friendly for process though.

You need to treat me to a Google burger sometime. :smile:

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1100 employees? Wow.

Never heard of them.

Where is this Google burger place everyone talks about? There are 3 cafes near me that serve burgers, but none are even close to calling it decent. :thinking:


I hear google is relaxing interview standards for women to bring in diversity? True? @tomato? Have confirmed info from other companies have hiring managers’ bonuses tied to it.

That’s crazy. How big of bonus would I get for hiring a male born in Kenya? No, I didn’t hire Obama :slight_smile:

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I hear quota-like things as well, but not sure how true.

I hope it’s not true.