And They Wonder Why Owners Don't Want To Accept Sec 8

What a waste of an 8!!!

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You know me. I am going to say my hat off to him but in my own experience, landlords are guilty as charged. If they didn’t, wanted to deal with government, who in the hell told them to get in contract with them?

The questions is: If the HA takes that long to approve an increase, how long does it take them to lower the rent on these units when the market tanks? If they take a week or a month to lower it, then I am on the side of the landlord. Otherwise, it’s a fair game. The market tanks, you don’t say a thing, you are still benefiting from the old and good rent payment. That the market is so good is out of debate here.

Now, back to me. For 3 years I complained on the other forum and on this one about the section 8 tenant from hell. I got one or two favorable and bitching statements from landlords. Most stayed away from commenting because it didn’t matter to them, and they didn’t care about me.

Do I need to return that love?

By the way, dealing with the HA, believe me, this reporter nails it pretty good. These people are just like any other government employee, except my wife :kissing_heart:. They don’t care about you, it’s all about taking it easy. Welfare and “privacy concerns” of the tenants, even though they are cousins to the devil are paramount, hell with you!

I’ve dealt with Sec 8 in my past and frankly I can’t say that I have experienced a crazy long delay like this gentleman is experiencing.

Regarding your question though on what if market rent plummets, the Housing Authority would not take forever to reduce its subsidy payment to you. It would probably happen at the next annual contract renewal period when they would adjust the total rent amount and subsidy down accordingly. I suppose if drastic enough, they could do it mid-year with the adjustment via a contract amendment. Like you said, with government bodies the level of service can vary from rep to rep. Some reps are good and fair. Some are not.