Another Genius Housing Leader In The City

Wow, more housing needed…ya think???

Their goal is to keep the majority of the residents at low and moderate income.

Keeping people poor is their lofty goal.

“Rahaim’s department has been at work on a program dubbed Mission Action Plan 2020, which aims to stabilize” the Mission at 65 percent low- and moderate-income households.”

I still believe wholeheartedly that if you just allow builders to build as much as they want that the law of supply and demand will work its magic sooner or later. If the market signals a cool down, builders will slow down or simply stop building. Of course there is a lag to all of this so you unfortunately get new product when it probably is already too late. Those properties will either come down in price or their rent rates will come down if those builders are smart and just want to make at least something on them. But doing nothing is not an option!!!

The neighborhood needs to stay crappy, so it can have diversity. As long as we have priorities.