Another US Factory by Apple and Foxconn

Following closely to the news that Apple is building servers in Mesa, it is rumored that Apple and Foxconn plan to invest $7 billion to build a display factory in USA.

Gou said he sees American protectionism as “inevitable” while questioning whether U.S. consumers will be willing to pay much higher prices for equipment of equal quality, according to Nikkei.

Three Kudos to Trump, reducing corporate tax rate from 35% to 15% !

The facility would cost more than $7 billion and may create an eventual 30,000 to 50,000 jobs, the publication cited Gou as saying.

China Corporate income tax (“CIT”) - standard tax rate is 25%, but the tax rate could be reduced to 15% for qualified enterprises which are engaged in industries encouraged by the China government (e.g. New/high Tech Enterprises and certain integrated circuits production enterprises).

Where will be this display factory? Will it be Mesa as well?


A huge tax break was supposed to create a manufacturing paradise, but interviews with 49 people familiar with the project depict a chaotic operation unlikely to ever employ 13,000 workers.

“This is the Eighth Wonder of the World.” (eight scam ever)

So declared President Donald Trump onstage last June at a press event at Foxconn’s new factory in Mount Pleasant, Wis.

A newspaper photograph last summer portrayed three guys in suits and ties shoveling dirt. They were Donald Trump, then-Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and the chairman of Foxconn, the Taiwanese electronics conglomerate.

They were doing a PR groundbreaking for a new Foxconn plant that supposedly would hire thousands of blue-collar workers in Wisconsin to make flat-screen televisions. All three hailed the event as the start of a Made-in-the-USA manufacturing renaissance.

But it was actually a corporate scam. <----------:laughing::laughing::laughing: