Any foundation inspector recommendation?

I am considering to have an inspector who specialize in foundation to check out a SFH. We saw some small crack in the walls of a house we are interested in, but regular home inspection doesn’t call out any red flags. I am considering to have someone specialize in Foundation to check it out. Do you have any recommendation or have done before? Property is in south bay.

Wall cracks are a minor issue…Are the floors level, are there larger foundation cracks, has the foundation shifted or rotated, how is the drainage, soil conditions???.These are all more important than wall cracks…Btw most houses are built on expansive clays in the BA flatlands…that means seasonal movement and wall cracks…Control the moisture under the house and address drainge issues to minimize the problems. .

There is some floor leveling issue. I noticed some door frame are harder to open. The area is in flood zone and I have been told that houses near there are prone to soil movement. I think it doesn’t help with long drought condition and we got some rain recently.

I don’t think there is visible foundation crack, but I wanted to make sure that foundation is not stressed with all these movements (I know little about foundations).

Also in the property inspection report, it says foundation is “Pour concrete and intermediate stem wall”.

Get a water level and check the floor…Look for heave in the middle…2" of differential settlement is normal and nothing to worry about. .Figure in the cost of drainage, a vapor barrier and maybe a sump pump…Look for evidence of previous standing water in the crawl space…