Any idea => You can invest in real estate or other weird assets from IRAs

Someone Commented like this IRA/401k can be invested in real estate. Any one has idea how to do it?

Easy. Open an self-directed IRA account. You can even get loans to buy real estate:

They wrote a book on the topic:

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My IRA is tiny. No way I will be able to buy anything in the Bay with my IRA, even with lending…

Manch, Thank you

It has to be self-directed. Most employers’ 401K offerings like Fidelity don’t allow you to buy real estate.

You can invest in private companies too. That lets you create an LLC for real estate investing then fund the LLC with IRA money. There’s actually very little you can’t do. If you do real estate, you aren’t allowed to live in it. It has to be an investment property.

How do you exercise your company’s stock options with IRA money? Any pointers would be great…

Right. But if I can only contribute like $5.5k a year to an IRA, how long will it take for me to buy a house with it?

I been contributing to a Roth IRA since graduating college. I have no rollover IRA’s since I only have my current 401k. I have been with same employer since I graduated.

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401K - Index fund
IRA - Stocks of your choice, not your employer :slight_smile:
RSUs - No faith in the long term prospects or on the black list, sell upon vested
Need a little diversification :slight_smile: so concentrated on RE for what?

I’m not sure if you can use IRA money to execute options that aren’t in the IRA.

Bummer…I did some research on it before too but couldn’t find anything…