Any one is interested in Stock Fundamentals?

Here is the reddit forum, someone (CFA) Shane is posting his fundamental analysis. This is good start to read and understand about the companies.

He does not give buy/sell advice, just post facts and figures, mostly once a week. I always read it, make a copy into my word document for any future reference.

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I am almost done with the Intelligent Investor book. :slight_smile:

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Few books worth reading


Margin of Safety by Seth Klarman (google the pdf book).

No more books really needed after reading these !

Thanks. About time for me to refresh myself with fundamentals. Boring to re read books, think I have read 30-50. Forgot most of the content, re-read is boring, reading opinions more interesting.

Only two important concepts in investment:

  1. Identify stocks with good moats; and
  2. Buy with a margin of safety.

Concept 1. requires a lot of hard work
Concept 2. requires patience and conquering yourself

Intelligent folks tend not to be able to do 2. So after 1., lower your IQ :smile: