Any one knows about Santa Clara SFR set back limit?

I see a home that is zoned as SFR instead of something like R-18 or R-16 in Santa Clara City 9505X.

Do you know the setback limit? I think SFR is like R-18 as lot size is appx 8500.

What is the set back for Santa Clara, left side, right side, front (25 feet - I hope), back side (20 feet - I hope)?

Is there any SFR zone setback limit documents fro Santa Clara City?

There is a document on their website. I looked it up when I bought my house. R-16 was 5 feet each side and 25 front. Rear I believe was 10 ft. Let me see if I can find it again.

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Std setbacks 20 front and rear…some cities are 5 on sides some 6 some 10…Just call the planning department. …

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