Any takers, good investment property

This is good investment property, rent can be easily $3000+.

Not the best part of Willow Glen and the lot is only 5510, but i think it will go quite a bit above asking. When we see the selling price we can decide if it is a good investment.

Best part WG will not sell at this price. Good place with normal 4% appreciation, but good cash flow. It is hard to see 650k price in such areas. Easy to go, priced for it.

Oh no, another property with the 24 in its address number… me and the superstitious asians will pass…you should be able to pick this up cheap then


Just for curiosity, are both 2 and 4 unlucky numbers or only 24 unlucky numbers?
What is the reason?
I checked my address number and it doesn’t have 2 or 4! (However, it doesn’t have 8 either. :slight_smile: )

If a company opens at 8 am is it more profitable than one that opens at 10 am? I shop after 8 am. I’m sure I lose lots of money when I shop after 4 pm. My Mongolian land owner cooks on the eights, he’s dying from a vaccine incurred illness.



Phonetically, the 4 can sound like the word for death, so the 4 itself is not good already. The 2 phonetically means easy. So, 2+4 can mean “easy death.” Yeah, not good…

Again, some hocus pocus but I like to throw this in just to keep everyone on guard…:wink:

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Then @Jane, to mess with your head, 84 is actually great. Fortune to death!!! WOW

I know someone born on 8/4, it is way true…millions

84 = It means become very wealthy.
2 = In Cantonese, easy. In Mandarin, starve.
24 = Die easy in Cantonese, starve to death in Mandarin.

Thanks! Very comprehensive!

A lot of the associated Feng Shui principles def make a whole lot of sense when it comes to real estate. When I first viewed my primary home when considering to buy, I immediately loved how the house (layout) flowed really well. There are no odd walls that pop out of nowhere or narrow hallways that meander that would seem to hinder life forces from flowing freely within the home. It def was not planned, but both mine and my lil sis’ address in Emerald Hills happen to contain our complete in order address numbers from the home that we both grew up in from birth. Sure, coincidence right? We don’t necessarily think so. And her home is exceptional and lovely, where she is raising two lovely children and my home is literally the basis of where I met my lovely wife.

Sorry if I hurt anybody’s feelings but all these Feng Shui or Vaastu or astrology or palm reading are cultural with no scientific basis.

Absolutely, and I certainly suggest that you follow whatever works for you. I will just say that because a lot of people do follow and believe in SOME of this stuff it is important to understand how that impacts you and the marketplace that we all participate in. For example, you come across a nice home but it is located at the middle of a T intersection street (a common belief that it is bad, that bad luck will come directly at you) and it also happens that the address is 424 24th Street, in Forth City no less. You don’t care, but it may be prudent to understand how that could well impact your ROI since a lot of Asian buyers are home buyers who would probably pass on this home should you sell later. Now granted, you probably would get a decent deal on the front end due to less competition. And vice versa right? Say a home has a great number. I would expect it to be bid on higher than it normally would.

Here read this. I wouldn’t do what this person did, but this is what we all have to deal with…

I agree from a customer perspective especially selling where Chinese buyers are higher in proportion it probably makes sense.

Feng Shui is based on science. Because there are no certification or accreditation, many swindlers around. Nowadays, even though there are accreditation for many stuffs, ahem… e.g. some degree holders are not that good.

Feng Shui is about how suitable the house is for living.

For example, good house faces a river, and behind a hill. Reason is because Chinese houses have bedrooms behind the house and don’t want wind to blow to them at night. River in front means convenient for travel, wash clothes, etc.

This is right next door to my neighborhood. Decent price, but this location (and mine) has the WG zip but not the lots or the schools. Quiet area, but they are building the homeless housing north of this location.

For example, almost 100 units in the Rockwell at 1688 Pine St. have closed since the building opened in August, including about 46 in September, said Leslie Bauer, a Realtor with Sotheby’s International Realty.

Yes, very very nice address if I may say so myself…

168 is pronounced like 一路發 (yi lu fa), which in turn means 一路發財, 一路發達, or 一直發達. In other words, "Make money all the way" or “Prosperity all the way”.

Who wouldn’t like that, right???

168 is selfish. 178 !


Let me remind you that this is a site predominantly for real estate investors and owners. You are damn right I am selfish!!! Let me know when you are giving away your apartments for free…