Any Tax Professional Referral?

I have been doing my own tax forever. I think I am ready to work with a tax professional who is well-versed in real estate investments? Do you guys have any referral?

Also, relatedly, I have a question around Primary tax excemption. Say I bought a place as primary residence, live there for over 2 years. Move out and rent for 1.5 years. Then move back in for 6 months and now ready to sell. Do I still get primary home excemption or now it is all prorated? The date is all after 2009.


Ideally (Legally) you must be prorated, but many people claim 100% tax capital gain tax exemption.

My friend filed for it and got it. When I asked about it, he said if IRS challenges, then he will amend the tax form based on IRS query ! There is a risk and there is some reward too.

Thanks @Jil. I definitely don’t want to cross the line with IRS. Please let me know if there is any tax professional you guys use and happy with.

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