Anyone else watch HBO's Silicon Valley?

I loved the comments for this post on Socketsite (

“What would make somebody buy this and have to re-list for 2 million less in 2 years? At that price point, it cant be loss of wages, lay offs, can it?”
“Trying to rebillionize.”
“Tres Commas”

Hilarious but NSFW clip:

My last gig was at a start up and it was so much like Pied Piper. Cracks me up.

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It’s one of my favorite show these days. I love how the creators depict SV specific startup cultures in the show. I can totally relate them.

And who does not like those codewords like “Founder Hounder” (A girl picking up a startup founder in the bar) ?


Founder Hounder! The writers are genius!

They spent months living here to learn enough to make it accurate. They still consult with VC and startup people on the writing. I’m glad it appeals to a broad audience. My fear was it would only appeal to people living here.