Anyone from here attending - SFBaySummit host by J Martin?

If you are regular on, you probably know about this event:

Pretty good line up about experienced investors with wide variety of backgrounds. This event is not for pitching or selling anything. It is just networking and sharing. I am planning to go and just curious if anyone from this forum is attending.

I met J Martin couple years ago when he was still hosting meetups. Does he still do that? I think the value of these conferences is in the networking, not so much the speakers per se.

I am a terrible networker. So even though I am curious to know what the speakers have to say about stuff, I can’t justify paying the ticket to go.

Are you active on the BP forum? @myo

I think he is still hosting SF or Oakland meetup, but I normally go to South bay meetup in Milpitas.

I have to say I am more active here than BP. But I love BP podcasts. Boat load of great information for my BayArea commute :slight_smile:

I have heard most of the speakers through BP podcasts, but there are a few that are active on BP forum, but not on podcasts, so looking forward to hearing some of the presentation. But ultimately, I am looking to learn some new strategies I have never heard of like mobile homes, apartment buildings and some other commercial stuff.

Right. I love reading some of the Bay Area people on the BP forum, but they have too many people form middle America doing deals for 30k or so, and they can’t resist adding their .02 to Bay Area topics. Usually it’s along the line of “you guys are morons for buying at such high price.” Plus they think appreciation is some magic word in a Harry Potter movie. Can’t stand those guys…

Haha. Yea, those threads are entertaining. If you are not in the Bay area, it is hard to imagine what we see and go through here. My take is cash flow is good and stable, but appreciation is the only thing that will make you rich!

Like to know but too lazy to move my ass and research, may be you can give us a cliff notes. For commercial stuff, ask them whether is ok to substitute with REIT.

Yeah. I got them in the Mr. Money Mustache forum as well. That and the people without kids who think you can somehow share a house with other roommates to save 90% of your take home and berate you for not doing so.

I was tempted by cash flows in the past, but then I realize something. I have my own business. Without cash flow a house is just like a business. I will have better returns buying a Subway franchise than an apartment building.

I figure I resurrected this thread to see if anyone is attending now that event is almost there.

Its funny, I just stumbled upon that summit on BP. I dont think I would gain much unless I am networking for deals, syndication,financing, etc plus I cannot stomach a 2 day event.

@myo How’s the summit? Learned anything? Care to share some? :slight_smile:

You are right on time! Just got back and sorting notes. There were good conversations. A lot represented from Bay Area as well as California.

Here is summary version. Overall there were nervousness around market being near the top and a lot of caution in buying and making sure there is reserve money to ride out. But overall there is money to be made at every cycle. A lot of interest around Corporate Rental (or > 30 days rental) such as And apartment investing seems pretty popular too. Met a lot of bay area investors (doing REI as part time) and investing in mid-west for cash flow.

I’ll share more notes and resources after I sorted more.


Very interesting! Did not know there are portals for these types of rentals. What’s the usual duration of the lease, and how much higher will the rent be?

I love it when something changes my thinking. Tell me more… :smile:

I asked the same questions. HomeSuite is local VC backed firm. Since they are the transaction platform, they are collecting more data on it. They said some of the answers are on their blog:

I got email of the CEO and he said to email him if we want data for specific area which I am planning to follow up on it.