Apple Loves San Jose, dumps SF

Apple announced Thursday its annual developer conference will be held in San Jose this year after a 13-year run in San Francisco.

Apple follows other tech companies moving their annual developer conferences out of San Francisco. Facebook announced that its annual developer event, F8, will also be held at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose in April. Last year, it was held at Fort Mason in San Francisco.


That’s not good on the convention site/work side… but we know where everyone is going though after hours and pre/post weekend…and it ain’t staying in San Ho…

Don’t worry!

We’ll tell the gangs, the criminal, the rapists, and some are good I assume, to hold a moratorium on you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But honestly I am not sure SJ has enough hotel rooms to take care of them all. Time to buy in SJ and turn them into AirBnB? SJ should really put money where its money has long been and spruce up downtown. It’s nice and cute but ain’t no major league yet…

From John Gruber:

Schiller seems confident that there’s going to be a lot going on outside the convention center. Apple is working with the city and San Jose mayor Sam Liccardo to stage events around the downtown area throughout the week.

Apple can dominate San Jose the way it can’t dominate SF. With Apple hosting its biggest event in SJ it will surely help raise SJ’s profile and more events will come SJ’s way.

Temporary or permanent? Shouldn’t it be held in Spaceship once ready?

Don’t forget the culmination of the bus transit system or whatever they call it on Alum Rock. I brought here a property that is going to increase its price once the buses start rolling. (if the deportations don’t occur)

Is it because SF convention center is under construction?

Future Scenario:

Jim: Boy, Joe, that was a hellava conference for Day 1.
Joe: Yeah, so what you think you are up for? I hear SF has the most killer bars and strip clubs (sorry ladies, but that is reality…for some guys. Others are probably in church…)
Jim: I hear San Ho has an incredible petting zoo that I might want to go check out.
Joe: Knock yourself out, Jim. The last thing I am petting tonight is a goat…

(thank you, thank you very much… really, no… you shouldn’t …thank you…)

I see some people are not taking the breakup news well… time to wheel out the “It’s not you it’s me” speech…

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From 1988 to 2002 Apple held WWDC in San Jose. In 2003 they moved to SF’s Moscone center. Until this year. I think the primary reason for the move is that SJ is much closer to Apple HQ than SF, so more of their folks can attend. It’s billed as a developer conference, and a lot of Apple engineers are on site to give presentations and help with coding. Closer to work is definitely a major selling point for Apple.

WWDC has more than 5,000 attendees. I don’t think even the spaceship can hold that many extra people. Security would be a major concern. How do you keep these people from ear dropping or wandering into Jony’s top-secret lab?

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The 1000 seating auditorium is away from the Spaceship. Employers walk through a tunnel to go there, so can prepare in secret.

Refer to this image, The circular building bottom of the main Space ship is the auditorium… can’t accommodate 5000 :slight_smile:

Dude, please… the Fab 7x7 will easily, easily “survive” this one. You know why…there is that little stadium that just broke ground in Mission Bay that will be hosting plenty of concerts, sporting events, etc etc etc. No one can knock The City down…not even Apple…

Remember, if the South Bay were so great in the first place there would have been no need to put the entry “Google buses” in the dictionary at all…

Geez man. Mission Bay is literally sinking! Stop the building!

Are you a paid cheerleader for San Francisco or is this your normal routine.

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You may actually think I am crazy, but I actually do love it here in the Fab 7x7. Been here all I my life. And I plan to be here for the rest of my days…

“This kind of trend moving from San Francisco is going to hurt,” said Rob Enderle with advisory services firm Enderle Group. “San Francisco was perceived as very trendy at one time. It just isn’t anymore.”

San Francisco’s loss has been a boon to other neighboring cities including San Jose. The McEnery Convention Center estimates that events like Apple’s can bring in $5 million to $7.5 million in direct spending.

“Any time we have any large group in San Jose, there is a very large economic impact from that,” said Karolyn Kirchgesler, CEO of Team San Jose, which aims to bring more tourism to the city.

In a news release Apple pointed to the close proximity of San Jose’s McEnery Convention Center to its headquarters in Cupertino. Roughly 25 percent of Apple’s Silicon Valley employees live in San Jose, making the commute much shorter for employees who plan on attending the event.

Oh, you left out these parts…

San Francisco said that it hasn’t seen an impact from the loss of the developer conferences. The estimated direct spending from conventions and meetings in San Francisco is $754 million for 2016 and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down, according to San Francisco Travel Association.

John Reyes, the association’s executive vice president and chief sales officer, says there already are inquiries from parties interested in the dates that Apple will no longer be using at Moscone.

“There was a big fight to keep (Apple) here,” Reyes said. “We take every booking or event in Moscone very seriously.”

Darin Andersen, who flew in from San Diego to attend RSA, said coming to conferences in San Francisco is always special.

“It’s more than the experience of the conference, but it’s also the context in which it happens,” he said. “It would be a different experience” outside the city. (Yeah, how much you want to bet @manch that attendees will be complaining that there is nothing to do in San Jose after hours?)

It took Borquist and her colleague about three hours to get to San Francisco on Thursday morning. While there are certain perks to being in the city — such as the food, she said — dealing with parking and traffic is a hassle she would happily avoid. (Uh, no “food” for you in San Jose, ma’am…)

It’s cool for those folks from Kansas who have never seen cities before. Not so much for people who have to wake up at 4am to get here.

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More a cost issue. SJ Conv Ctr is cheaper.