Apple will put 2,000 employees in new Seattle hub near Amazon headquarters

Seattle > Austin


You beat me to posting it. Seattle is growing office space like crazy. Now if we could just fix how I-5 routes through the city.

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I noticed , some of their engineers on their machine learning groups who presented in Apple’s WWDC conference couple of years back were based in Seattle.

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Apple bought a ML group in Seattle few years ago. Guess is expanding the group. Seattle leads in ML.

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Which company in Seattle leads in ML? UW is not a big factor

UW has one of the best CS programs in the world. Canada also is very strong.

Announcement came too early. Should wait a few more years until I move over there :angry:

If you want to work for Apple, it gives your opportunity. How does it affect you negatively

Don’t leave us here. :cry:

ML is everywhere now. Amazon probably has the highest volume and has a training curriculum for employees to learn it. I’m sure Microsoft has a lot too. The applications of it are all over at pretty much every company.

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Is there a high percentage of UW graduates at Amazon and Microsoft?

I doubt any one school is more than 2-3% of total employees given how big the companies are.