April Car Sales Plummet.?



April is tax month. People withheld their spending habit. March retail sales in general were sluggish too.

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Nobody wants sedans…big deal…The problem is the CAFE standards require automakers make cars that nobody wants. .Not a sign of economic slowdown…A sign of government over reach and stupidity. …

Reason 101 Trump was elected…Americans have spoken…Fuck social engineering, the nanny state and government knows best

Make bullshit regulations and people get around them…Before CAFE, trucks had 2 doors a big 8’ bed and one bench seat…Now they all have 4 doors. .They are basically big cars with a little truck bed…A total joke…But they are an in your face finger to bullshit government regulations. …Americans want big cars…This is not Europe

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Glad to know Obama economy’s results still playing good then. Twhitler’s start in October.

Wall street article

Not to change the subject, but I have been seeing a lot more for rent signs in the Fab 7x7 than before. Uh, oh…

I know that there are things we the people don’t see because we are not involved in the daily activities of those lending money. But they are not there, like you, for the sake of lending money. They want to be sure they will have a good return.

The last bouncing of Obama’s economy performed this year as always did, and since there is not a legit and straight definition of a fiscal policy or legislation changing anything but Obamacare, perception of what could, should, and would happen will take over. By hearing Twhitler saying no, then yes to NAFTA, I believe those lenders or people involved in big deals are scratching their heads in disbelief.

Now, bringing home the manufacturing of cars seems to be not working as planned. You guys knowing it all can tell me yes or no.