Are you a libertarian in heart but a liberal in disguise?

From messages of all of you, I believe a large percentage of you guys are libertarians instead. U.S. has a 2 party system which forces people to take a binary selection. For a libertarian, neither of the parties fit well, so people are forced to accept one party in a whole, are forced to accept other positions they do not really agree.

“Main difference. Liberals believe in government ordained belief structure, Libertarians believe in free will with limited government. Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec is Libertarian model. President Obama is the Liberal model.”

The opposite of libertarian is authoritarian.

“Finally - and hopefully in answer to your query - you have the bottom right, which is socially liberal and economically conservative. They favor limited government market intervention (as close to laissez-faire free market capitalism as possible), while maintaining a consistent liberal social stance as well. That is to say, they believe that government should not be involved too much in either sphere (economic or social). Rather, they should be there solely to enforce contracts and engage in limited foreign policy. This is the modern form of US Libertarianism.”

That’s one of the best TV characters ever!

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The libertarians here in US are pretty naive IMO. Singapore and Hong Kong consistently rank in the top 3 most-free economies in the world by the right wing Heritage Foundation. But both places have pragmatic government intervention when it makes sense. For example both places have lots of government housing and heavily subsidized health care.

I used to consider myself libertarian in my 20s and early 30s. Not anymore. Like any system free market has its limitation. I’d rather be pragmatic and evaluates public and private sectors based on their merits and not some ideology. Economics research has a lot to say when it makes sense to have government comes in, when it makes sense to leave it to the private sector.

Singapore is authoritarian right, it has good government efficiency but lacks individual freedom. It has the family controlling the country, politically similar to North Korea and China. Economically, it has more freedom.

Hong Kong government is very limited, more like a libertarian city.

This year’s winners of Nobel prize on economics have a lot to say about privatization. For example should prisons be privatized? The short answer is “No”.

It’s not a simplistic “markets are always good”. In many cases it is. But in some important cases it’s not. We need to look at each case by case.

Pension has been always private and now it does not exist for most people. I do not understand the relevance of this research to us.

Libertarian is not no government. It just asks for an efficient government. An efficient government is a small government.

American government is highly inefficient and wasteful. Social security and Medicare are some of our best run government programs. Many other wastes can be eliminated and reduced.

Also libertarians asks for a government who is not a world police. Limited international involvement is fine, overly aggressive and high budget international involvement is against all human beings. It caused troubles for both the world police and other less powerful countries being policed or even overturned by the world police.

PS. I think the overuse of academic research sometimes is counter productive. Real life issues are always more complex than the assumptions of many research project. It’s very risky to adopt some research before fully understand its limitations. Any theory, especially economic and political, requires careful interpretation.

Libertarians tend to be pragmatic and more balanced, which is much more preferred than frenetic conservatives or liberals.

Some conservatives and liberals have no brain. They will immediately attack anyone on any issue whenever they think this person has a slightly different opinion. Their only ability is to seek confirmation from their like minded and to attack anyone who has different opinion.

There is no need for a binary society. I think people from the swing states are smarter than deep red or deep blue places. People from swing states have more opportunity to consider different views and often have better judgement.

Similarly the moderates often have better judgment in the deep red or deep blue states. The extremists usually lose their brain on important issues, even the high IQ ones. Of course most people do not really have any independent opinions and they are simply the followers of the dominant opinions.

Private prisons can work. The key is incentives need to match the behavior we want. We know education reduces chances of criminals going back to jail. Just getting a GED reduces it by 42%. So why not make the incentive for inmates completing GED, job training, or other educational requirements? It could make a huge impact on reducing crime. Maybe if we get crime down we could turn some jails into dorms for education and vocational training. The fact govnernment isn’t coming up with any innovation that’s relatively obvious for improving outcomes shows they probably don’t care. They just see the problem of having criminals and needing a place to house them. They aren’t forward thinking about reducing crime and helping society.

My best buddy in Tahoe is a retired Folsom Prison guard. While there he personally shot from the guard tower four inmates in the process of stabbing other inmates…He is a Trump supporter living in NV on a Cali public employee pension…Anybody who deals with our criminal justice system becomes a comservative very quickly…The damage to our society caused 50 years of liberal policies maybe unreparable…Meanwhile our middle class will keep moving out of California.

I was puzzled why NV properties are more expensive than CA in Taboe area. Is tax the main reason?

Taxes add some value, but basically South Lake Tahoe, CA is where all the local working people live…The rest of the little towns in NV are mainly second homes or tax shelters for people that have several homes…There just isn’t much inventory on the Nevada side and very few inexpensive homes there…

In terms of transportation, is south Lake Tahoe at a disadvantage? 80 is easier to travel to NV than 50 to south Tahoe.

Truckee should be easier to develop than south Lake Tahoe, much more buildable land.

Ask your conservative buddy about the prison guard union and his fat public pension. I think the conservatives hate unions and pensions. Well, maybe they only hate other people’s unions and pensions?

Truckee is easier to build…but it ain’t Tahoe…And it is an hour and a half from my house. .Personally think 80 is a nightmare with all the trucks. .turns it into a one lane road. …I made money on a hard money build loan in Truckee…but I personally dont like the place…old railroad town with questionable charm…It is all about the golf course developments starting with Tahoe Donner, Old Greenwood, Lahontan, Martis Camp…I hate golf…

The prison guards cleaned up…But he feels like he deserves it, and has the stab wounds to prove it…I warn him that if all his fellow retirees leave their pensions might dry up…He saves $1200/m living in NV…

He is part of the Reagan democrats that the left wing of the democratic party abandoned 40 years ago…The hard hats, cops, fireman. …they are union but socially and politically conservative. .Trumpsters. .The dems take the unions for granted, but they have been defecting since Nixon…

Should get rid of any pensions if paid by taxpayer money. We can use social security to replace pensions for teachers and government employees.

Also simplify regulations and reduce the number of government employees.

Over regulation and added complexity benefits lawyers and government employees, hurt the people.

Well, maybe we should really look into cancelling their pensions.

My friend is ready to leave the US altogether, already has a house in Cabo…His wife is still working, but he would rather live in Cabo full time…You can live well there on a Cali pension. …