Are You In The Middle Class? New Calculator Has The Answer

This calculator labels anyone with an annual income over $97,615 as the upper class… :roll_eyes:

Hello Ms Upper Class.

Does $450,000 a year make me poor or middle class? :sweat_smile:

Oh, sorry, I added an extra zero is your hero.:smile::smile::smile:

Not sure who you are talking to, but peasant is here :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Don’t be shy. Did you forget to include your six figure RSU grants?

In parts of rural america that’s accurate.

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Did you forget that I am not at the FAANG like @tomato and @marcus335?

I specifically chose the SF metro in the calculator. Guess all of America is rural.

Where are you at? :thinking:

Illiquid startup in a galaxy far, far away.

Name of startup?

Do you honestly think I am going to publicize this? :roll_eyes:

None of you guys ever share anything personal. Ever. But u guys keep asking each other nonstop…
#likeomg let it go ppl.

Well to be fair both @hanera and @wuqijun share a lot. But yes, we are all a very nosy bunch. :smile:

Do they? Even though I’m on here like an hour or 2 a day, I don’t know anything about you guys (like the 10 or so super active people here).

There is so much noise (though I contribute as well).

I guess my attention to detail just suck. Carry on.

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They both like to bare it all late at night. :smile:

I was helping you. Is the same question you asked. Apparently, he thinks your photo is fake :rofl:

Hey, my “name” alone says so much about me that why need to say any more?