Are you ready for Roth/Backdoor Roth on Jan 1st week?


It is not my product as I do not get even a single cent incentive/commission if anyone in this forum or elsewhere someone invests or not.

If they save, it is for their life and retirement tax free !


Still have to pay tax! Only money earned after renounciation is not subject to US tax. Saverin case is bad taste as his fortune arising from been in USA. Jet Li makes all his money while in China, not fair for him to pay exorbitant tax for that greenie.


By posting it, you make it valid, you recommend it, you are doing it.

Nothing wrong wit it. Your money, your retirement.

Jil, I said it before, you are a smart guy, and the things you have done to achieve it were done by you trusting what you do. If they are wrong or good, it’s up to you to realize it the day you start a real life of retirement. Then, you will see you made a good decision or a real bad one. I hope you will be able to count the money you invested, and what you got in return. There’s a saying out there, “you never beat the house”. You can, only in a tax free environment and with lots and lots of other people’s money working for you.

The time you started those programs are the clue to anything. You may be an “old fart” as they say out there, like me, I am close to the 60s. You won’t change course, you are done with whatever you have. That’s all.

The product I recommend, never to be issued to anybody here on this forum, (everybody has shown me a fabricated by you and other poster “contempt” ) and that’s a promise, works better than what you use or promote. 80% of your contributions are in your hands while the same 80% are “invested”. 20% is what you practically “invest”.

Find me any product, or any program similar, I will wait. I know you will spin this to anything else, again, show me something better. :wink:

Remember, I’ve seen topics of “my home/car insurance is this or that”. I applaud that, they are recommending a good person, under their personal appreciation that may or not work for others.

Shall we check all the private messages of you investors sent to each other “benefiting” from a deal. You know, that flip, or anybody being a Realtor helping others on a deal? I say they are helping others and helping themselves at the same time. Why the hypocrisy?

I don’t think you guys are cutting other posters throat, are you? :laughing:

This forum should be open to new ideas, new horizons, this is the 2,000s. things are changing. You don’t like it, just keep reading, just don’t accuse people of being “fraudster” for suggesting or promoting something new you can’t and won’t understand.

And, I bet you didn’t read the 4 pages I posted before about taxes during retirement hurting your SS check.

Did you? :wink:

Guess what? You will be retiring in a high income environment with your properties income. Your SS check will be taxed.

Happy New Year!


You bought it when you are in Singapore (Not US Citizen), you sell it after leaving US Citizenship. Why do you need to pay tax here?


Read the tax law. There are many billionaires from China, India, USA, … become Singaporeans. Are there any billionaires come to USA to get citizenship? Only the working class eager to come here to get greenie/ citizenships.


See? I keep telling Jil he is smart when it comes to his own things, beyond that, he shouldn’t say anything without consulting with his CPA or tax guy. I sometimes do that, I don’t do my homework on a subject so I say wrong things, but I have a mea culpa that allows me to admit I was wrong.

In our office, we suggest, teach, educate people on how to work with anything “after taxes”, AKA savingor avoiding taxes so when they retire, the income won’t affect their SS check.

We do deal with foreigners bringing bunches of $ to invest in this country. We know of tax codes for that, and for anything else, but we never give legal advice on taxes, that is not what we got our licenses for.

Listen to KGO radio. There’s a tax guy advertising there. You have any deals overseas? You better report the income or you will be in a very sorry situation with uncle Sam. Heard it on the radio. :laughing::laughing::laughing: