As an immigrant, I am appalled, and Disappointed


Thinking about this. What is the point of feeling empathy or even sympathy for these people? They will have no idea someone in the US has those feelings. Those feelings aren’t going to feed their family. It’s not going to give them safe drinking water or a roof over their head. We tell ourselves to feel empathy and sympathy is for the benefit of others. It doesn’t benefit others. It’s so we can feel better about ourselves like we care and we did something. That’s exceptionally selfish. People literally do nothing to help but feel better about themselves, since they had some nice thoughts. If you really feel for those people, then do something to help. If not, don’t pretend your thoughts help them.


There is a fixed immigration quota for each country. I find that to be unscientific. If you allow 20k immigrants from a billion person country and a 300k person country, it doesn’t make sense.


43% of immigrants from Africa have a bachelor’s degree which is higher then other immigrants.
Nigerian Americans have a higher household income then the US average.


Wish you two would stop being at each others’ throats. This kind of comment isn’t helping.


Every African immigrant i know has a degree from an Ivy League type college… And they are WICKED SMAHT! (Of course you have to be to be accepted to college here. The standards for admitting non-US citizens is much higher than US citizens.)


That article is advocating a points based system. That’s what Trump proposed, and it was called racist.

I don’t think anyone has said they are against immigration of highly educated people. That’s the immigration we want. No one has quantified how many people we are denying. I’d love to see how many college educated people from Africa and Haiti are denied a Visa. That would tell us if the cap is even an issue or not.

I do wish people would use numbers instead of adjectives.

2015 Median household income: $56,516
Nigerian-American: $62.096

It’s 9.9% higher than all households. It’s 4% higher than whites.

This is interesting:

“The Nielsen research finds that the median household income for foreign-born blacks is 30% higher than U.S.-born blacks.”



Didn’t I say it?

The deflection started.

I am going to say it politely. If you are not going to denounce the generalization of an entire country and continent as shithole, you better stay quiet.

You, I don’t care who gets offended, are a racist by staying quiet. Period!


Are you making a threat?

Everyone else is saying the same thing with their actions by never considering visiting the place. Their actions are speaking LOUDLY, but they are too PC to verbally say it. At least 1 person has enough honestly, so their actions and words match.

  1. Subsaharan Africa with 40% Bachelors degree is at best middle of the pack compared to other sources of immigration.

  2. As far as quality is concerned we know where quality education is available, because quantity does not equate to quality.

Btw, Mexico and Central America does seem to be sending it’s best and brightest.(yeah this comment is not serious)


Check out the THUMBS UP vs THUMBS DOWN ratio(1:1) (Yeah it’s a random variable from the internet).

Not supporting Trump’s bad choice of words…

Point is, try to understand things from an opposite worldview(because there are enough people who have them).


Did or did not?


LOL. Are you 5 years old?
You are just implying everybody is too PC and here you are, baby crying over “a threat”

Give it up Marcus, you are a racist. There, I said it


He has just announced the delivery of F-52 planes to Norway. They only exist in the game Call of Duty.

Is this man leading the US? For the sake of humanity get rid of him now.


Wow, the guy that doesn’t know simple vs compound interest called me a racist. How will I survive?


Yeah, when you get info from memes you end up being uninformed.

The sale wasn’t completed until a year into the Obama administration. They clearly agreed with the decision, or they would have changed it.

We had to sell multiple properties to fund the new site.

It wasn’t the old location that was unsafe. The building was so old it’d have been over $700M to update and still wouldn’t be state of the art for security.

A good meme is more important than facts though.


Zuckerberg’s definition of love of the community?


Zuckerberg & his ilk are hypocrites. The only thing they are bothered about are their pocketbooks and stock price(which is good for us investors), rest of their bla bla is is all fluff to get the public to support the pursuance of their pocketbooks on the sly. Anyways, all corporations do this, but all corporations do not try to be a Messiah like Zuckerberg and Tim Cook portray.


Whoever supports this lying president is a racist. Period!

Listen to Durbin.
He was present in a meeting with #45.

He told #45 to be aware that mentioning “chain migration” was a reminder for African Americans of how they migrated to the US, in chains.

What was the response from the a…hole president? That’s a good line!


I was watching the Warrior game last night, and during that point in the game when the Boys were careless, a time out was called and one could easily read Coach Kerr’s lips: “What the F*** is going on?” Yes, let’s not equate a NBA basketball coach to the Prez but even from someone like me who rarely really swears in normal conversation I do feel some folks (less refined let’s just say) use swear words in a semi effective way to cut to the chase. I don’t necessarily believe everyone who says those things actually are focusing on the people per se (being a racist). Sometimes, it is effective and on point to say “sh**” or “fu**”. Why should the word “sh**hole” be really any different? Sure, it is coming from a man who has a history and pattern of doing it, I get that. Shoot, let’s not venture into the why African Americans think it is ok for them to use the N word conversationally amongst themselves yet when they hear non AA people use it (not in a demeaning way, but similar way they were) they get so upset? And besides, behind closed door meetings (even in the White House) I am sure bad language is used often. These are stressful meetings with a lot at stake and colorful language will come out. Frankly, as an Asian, I have heard worse or been called worse…