As Markets Cool, Buyers Gaining Power in Hot West Coast Metros

The cooling of the housing market that started last year — more of a normalizing than an actual correction — is actually the third time the market has slowed since it bottomed out in 2012. The first came in early 2014 and early 2016 — and this most recent national cooling began in May 2018.

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This research is looking backward. I suspect the Bay Area market will heat up again this year.

Up up and away. Prices to increase 20+% across the board by end of year.

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SJ market started to show 2-3weeks of listing to pending period just like previous years. I heard that multi offer bidding started as well a couple of weeks ago. We can have more accurate info in a few months but i guess start of hot season shifted from January to March this year.


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Where are you buying? What type of property are you interested?

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