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Not a financial advice. Not an advocate for action. Do your DD.
OMG, always need to put up a disclaimer. People always forget.


Need schooling, SMH. Learn how to use a hammer, view everything as nails, SMH. Wait… thought some1 understand nuances :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Turns out you don’t even believe in things you said yourself. And you asked me why I didn’t follow your advice?


Some people couldn’t graduate. Always a child. Always a Peter Pans. Can’t take personal responsibility.

Our market is as manipulated as China’s. We saw massive intervention in 1987 and again in 2009 -followed by more than a decade of near zero interest rates.

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Continue to rip…
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Beliefs of average people e.g. Jesse and Hong Kongers…

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That is, Jesse opines USA can print itself out of Great Recession but China can’t.

Tom Lee thinks otherwise…
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Fundamental mistake of people who don’t understand what’s different between US and China is that, they think China can do whatever US can do.

Completely different economic, political, financial systems, situations and trajectories, but hey, let’s ignore all those and pretend China is just the same as the US.

At some point it is no longer a rational discussion. It’s just religious faith.

The Chinese stock “rally” in perspective:

Lunar new year is this weekend, and the Chinese stock market is closed for more than a week. I think the bounce should last two months at least?

Xi just fired the stock market regulator. I wonder if the poor guy has any heart problem he didn’t know about….


Politically neutral capitalist’s view…

Politically prejudice vs China trader’s view… don’t buy China stocks but take all opportunities to boo-boo anything China does.

More bashing… his behavior feels like some1 here.

2024 is the year of the

Ba ba ba BABA

Live stream of the dragon in China:

There are some really nice silver and gold lunar series coins out there for this year. Australia’s are cool looking.

And the crazy thing is Nvidia is still a better bet than anything on the Chinese “market”.

Peter Thiel 2008. Nothing has changed since. Still the same. Why it’s a fool’s errand to try to reason Chinese market with a Western lens.

F… logic. Just because has some success in investing, he thinks his political opinions are valuable.
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Similarly, ARKK is a clear indication of why you should NOT invest in USA.

Jesse is correct. There are so many options in the free world why insist on choosing trash?

If you don’t like using just one stock to make judgement, you can use indices for the entire Chinese stock market. They show the same trash nature of Chinese stocks.