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CCP spent huge sums of money promoting Beijing as a tech Centre, got to have something to show. TMD is hq in Beijing so they are must buy but not listed yet.


Toutiao is an all you can eat for reading books and premium news site right? There are many paid premium news site in USA, can’t recall any AYCE books site? Books are sold ala carte in USA.

Btw, are there any Chinese here whose ascestors are not from Guangdong?

Yes, @jane is from South Korea.

Toutiao is for “news” although most of it is not serious news news. Just download it on your iPad and see for yourself.

Online reading is dominated by a spin off of 10c: China Literature 閱文。its business model has no parallel in US. It’s listed in HK and I have a tiny bit of shares.

I don’t get the sense Xi is picking one region at the expense of another. The Big Bay Area initiative is one of his signature policy initiatives and it’s supposed to make a megapolis out of HK, Shenzhen and Guangzhou to rival our Bay Area. He’s also making a brand new second capital in Xiong’an 雄安。

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Aren’t they just an aggregator?

Yes an aggregator. More like a FB newsfeed all by itself without the baby and vacation pictures.

Yeah, I know them, and i would really not buy them :confused: They are trying to monetize someone else’s content. Until they can come up with their own, they will have problem :confused:

You mean like how google and Facebook monetize others’ content?

Toutiao actually has some original content, written by their bots. TT is the most exciting company in China right now. I am dying to invest in them.

TT’s engagement number is insane:

With google and fb, it’s different isn’t it? Aggregator blatantly copies, fb/google people volunteer.

“The average user spends more than 74 minutes each day in Toutiao” -> huge. Realy? I don’t know. Your forum has it better than 74 minutes though for sure :slight_smile:

Also… I am a bit skeptical about tautiao’s numbers. Are they real?

Except the bot @BAGB I don’t think anyone spends 74 min on this site.

I think it is. One of their site/app got shut down because it was too popular. People were organizing offline meetups from the app and that freaked out the Party.

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are their app available in play store? I can volunteer a burner phone to try :stuck_out_tongue:

They must be available. Get the even more popular one: Tik Tok. That’s the outside China version of the insanely popular short video app Douyin.

Ah that video app i see on 9gag. Didn’t know it was theirs.

“This app is incompatible with all of your devices.”

Totally will use a burner phone - based on permissions they are listing on the store :

The reason behind me insisting on burner phone:
APUS: A big app developer, somehow has 10s of “battery cleaning apps” all of which asking for very very very intrusive permissions. Some of them even hides the fact that app is installed (it still shows behind settings but nothing on the launcher), and does a bunch of funky stuff.

Somehow I am suspecting some conspiracy, and tiktok didn’t look super different.

Ever since the invention of written language, content creation has been the exclusive domain of humans. Toutiao looks to change that. It’s begun with Xiaomingbot, an artificial intelligence that has already published more than 8,000 stories on the platform to-date. It debuted during the Olympics in 2016, where it published stories on major events more quickly (approximately 2 seconds after the event ended) than traditional media outlets. Indeed, the bot-authored articles enjoyed read rates (# of reads and # of impressions) in-line with those produced at a slower speed and higher cost by human writers on average.

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My ancestors are not from Guangdong.

So literally, it wrote “2 seconds later” meaning, something to the tune of “x met with abc”, “c scored a goal at 57th minute” kind of thing? I should read them up.

The YC blog has an excerp. It’s not bad.

Feel like an entertainment tabloid🤔