Asia Pacific Stocks

Please don’t joke🧐

Give it a day and let its AI find the content that scratches your deepest desires you don’t even know exist… :smiling_imp:

Not a joke at all. Plenty of people’s ancestors are not from the Guangdong province in HK. Ever heard of immigration?

Some of the netflix tv shows give me this feeling.

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Why I started buying NFLX exactly.

How come everybody seems to be using storage card for money? Is it just for movies and TV shows?

? what storage card?


You dislike playboys like Elon musk so much, but ok with Tencent investment in Tesla and Snapchat?

In a way it’s good. So I have a hedge in case Snap or Tesla went up a lot. So far they aren’t.

They are dragging the performance of TCEHY. Stagnant for months.

BABA is also stagnant. 10c is being dragged down by the HK market. China deleveraging and trade war made the market very pessimistic. 10c being the largest component of the Heng Seng index goes down when people sell the index.

China stock market in bearish mode and weakening of Yuan might be a good time to accumulate rock solid blue chips like BAT. I have accelerated the accumulation of TCEHY. Used to buy 25 shares at a time, now I am buying 100 shares at a time. Now I have 300 shares :slight_smile: still potato but considering just a few weeks ago, only have 75 shares.

WB: Buy when there’s blood in the streets.

Sideways for almost a year. IMHO, within 10 years, each F10 would be $1-2 T simply due to depreciation of currency.

Currently have 24 shares. Monday would up it to 100 shares.

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Stagnant means accumulation for the eventual uptick.

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Side topic. I think there is a bubble in “value investing”. Everybody and her dog claim they are “value investors”. Go on a stock commentary site like SA and everyone says they believe in value investing.

Value investing is at the peak of the ideological bubble. No wonder its return sucks so back in the last decade.

You need more rigorous study than that.

I would be more worried about AMZN :slight_smile: it is now THE do no-wrong stock. Just look at the price trajectory :slight_smile: Every initiative launched by AMZN is the next BIG thing.

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Hyper-competition in the streaming video arena.
Just realize Apple formed a new team focusing on video programming.

Apple is too cautious. It’s sitting on 100s of billions of dollars with nothing better to do than dividend and buybacks.

Fail. :-1:

Apple is better than GE. Big company needs to take less risk. It’s ok to slow down and enjoy aapl’s golden years

Should buy Tesla.