Asset Based Financing



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What is the interest rate today?


Hey Ed-lo,

Rates don’t change often, but vary between 7-10% depending on the FICO/Property.

Thanks for reaching out.



Sounds like hard money


Yes, our niche is good for any conventional fallout, as we do not calculate a borrower DTI.


Oh…so nobody is flagging this topic?

The hypocrite bunch. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


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Why flag it? This is a real estate forum isn’t it, no?


This is my point:

Let the buyer/client/interested party use it or just leave it there.

This forum should be to inform and help others, it doesn’t matter what. But for RE investors, this is OK. Right.

What I hate is negative people flagging something because they don’t like, they don’t understand it, or they are too dumb to get the idea.

That’s all.


Why would this be flagged? It has details about a product we offer to assist investors? This is a real estate forum.


Maybe you ought to ask Manch, the founder of this forum for permission?

What you don’t understand is that there are some people on this forum that are living in the past, so, when they see something new, something they don’t understand or want, they shut down the conversation and flag you.

It has been my experience with life insurance. They think it is fraud or something like that. :laughing:

Something Warren Buffet uses to a full capacity. :wink:


I see your post as advertising. I don’t want to see people come here to advertise their services, whatever it may be.

You can certainly come educate us regarding asset based financing or nontraditional financing.

Why push your firm’s products if it’s not marketing? Others in the forum might disagree with me and your post will be fine. If that’s the case, just ignore me.