Austin more dynamic than SF and Seattle

While the Austin area continues to be a haven for California companies and residents fleeing ever-rising taxes, business costs, and home prices, local officials and business leaders have expressed no desire for Central Texas to evolve into the “new” Silicon Valley.

The report points out that the Austin area’s economic engine runs on more than tech, mentioning examples such as medical research, healthcare, travel, recreation, and a “thriving music scene.” Mixed together, these create “a recipe for a diverse, stable long-term growth model for Austin,” the report says.

“The Most Dynamic Metropolitans” measured key data and ranked 379 metropolitan areas across the United States. The top 10 metropolitan areas for economic performance are:

  1. Midland, Texas
  2. San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, California
  3. Midland, Michigan
  4. Elkhart-Goshen, Indiana
  5. Bend-Redmond, Oregon
  6. St. George, Utah
  7. Austin-Round Rock, Texas
  8. Greeley, Colorado
  9. San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, California
  10. Seattle, Tocoma-Bellevue, Washington

Midland, Michigan making the list makes it very suspect. The only thing there is Dow Chemical.

Midland has the highest gdp per capita in the nation due to oil money. But that’s going to change, because of Tesla. Since Tesla is in the Bay Area, they really should rank both SF and SJ metros as 1 and 2.

What is in Elkhart-Goshen, Indiana?

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Never heard of it. But good luck to them… :rofl:

Norte Dame university is in Elkhart county

Saint George Utah on the other hand is just a retirement community near Mt Zion National Park

Saint George utah? Seriously? Been through there 3-4 times on the way to and from. I think of the place as having lots of fast food places.

For us, we decided on Phoenix area. Hot, but easy to fly out of airport, lots of restaurants, stores, clean streets etc.

Did you decide on Phoenix as investment or retirement?

The best restaurant in Saint George is the chain Red Lobster. Enough said

Data packed study for @manch to digest

A Zillow-backed survey of economists and housing analysts predicted that in 2020, Texas’s relatively affordable big cities (Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and especially Austin) will outperform the market average in home value growth, while overpriced California metros like San Francisco, Sacramento, and Los Angeles will fare poorly.

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