Austin MSA vs SFBA and TX vs CA

when you dont beleive in scientific data. i have to present non scientific data to convey the same message.

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Not much difference from that guy who say there will be a housing market crash :slight_smile: Ofc the title is a kind of click bait because he meant selected market since every neighborhoods in USA is different. For sure, no crash in SV :slight_smile: because all are strong holders. Ditto for Austin.

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You present your own opinions which are easily debunked by public data. It’s kind of sad.

This level of spending is crazy.


Bill Text - AB-937 Immigration enforcement..

This bill would prohibit any state or local agency from arresting or facilitating assisting with the arrest, confinement, detention, transfer, interrogation, or deportation of an individual for an immigration enforcement purpose, as specified. The bill would additionally prohibit state or local agencies or courts from using immigration status as a factor to deny or to recommend denial of probation, probation or participation in any diversion, rehabilitation, mental health program, orplacement in a credit earning programs or classes, or mental health program, credit-earning program or class, or to determine custodial classification level, or to deny mandatory supervision supervision, or to lengthen the portion of supervision served in custody. The bill would authorize a person to bring an action for equitable or declaratory relief in a court of competent jurisdiction against a state or local agency or state or local official that violates these provisions, and would make those agencies or officials liable for actual and general damages and reasonable attorney’s fees.

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I look at the price of the lunch buffet in Bay area to track inflation. Used to be 9.99 in 2010. Nowadays it is about 16.99.

At McDonald’s, McChicken was $1 in 2010. Now a days it is close to $2.

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It’s even higher for most items.
In last 10 years cost of food, groceries, milk, meat, vegetables, fruit etc. has all doubled. Check your grocery or Costco bill.
So is restaurant menu prices.
So is construction cost.
So is material cost.
So is services cost like cleaner, plumber, gardener, etc.
So is housing cost and rents.

Cost of living has doubled literally.

That’s 8% inflation not 2% as FED has been lying.

That’s rounding error in the federal budget. I want to know what’s the plan is when the number of people crossing becomes 10x more? Once people realize it’s basically free entry, then there will be a lot more.

California votes for representation that wants those policies and by a wide margin. It’s called progress. I en Feinstein used to say illegal immigration needed to be stopped because of the impact on the state budget. Bay Area people don’t even realize how far left the place is now.

If the real inflation is more than 8%, the home prices in bay area are barely keeping up with inflation. Same with the rest of the country.


If I am not wrong, for most folks, Primary represents the largest component of their NW (I read some articles on this, only very wealthy people has business or stock equities as the largest component of their NW). So, I always use price fluctuations of my Primary as the personal (as opposed to CPI which is general inflation) inflation. I feel is appropriate for renters too… use their targeted Primary :slight_smile: That is to say, you need to increase your net worth at faster rate than the price appreciation (assuming is always so long term) of your Primary for real increase of NW. Ditto for any investment such as stock equities.

Expressed your NW as a ratio of your Primary. NW/Primary :slight_smile: … you want this to be trending up :slight_smile:

Interesting observation. So, if the NW of a person is increasing at a rate slower than the inflation, what is causing the loss of NW (in current prices)? Guess who is stealing from the NW?

this very simple ingredients input and we dont know the quality behind those ingredients.
The negative impact of asset prices inflation is much deeper and long term. it does not show up right away. but it will show when rest of world dump Megacap like MSFT/Apple/GOOGL/AMZN.
for example last year and this year we will have lowest automobile and aircraft production with prices rise and lack of quality.
why would skilled people work on factory floor for $30hr when can make much more as independent electrician and plumber with all tax writes off a owning a truck. you dont get tax writeoff of commuting to work place on w2.
similarly asset prices rise (both stock and house) has create huge Financial advisors, estate planners, Tax attorneys , realtors and every thing associated with it like software development, electronic custodians that service it.

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how to protect from asset price inflation?


Own those assets :wink:

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Good Answer. @acre also thinks the equities provide the best protection.

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Short term you can by joining the party of assets that are inflating long term complete exit from society that will become totally unproductive due to asset inflation. The bigger problem is that this asset price inflation is adding to imports from Europe/China/Korea/Japan which in turn enriching Russia and China as these countries spend money made from US consumers and business. now to fight these countries Pentagon has to build more advance and complex weopons that obviously lead to price rises, sucking up more technical skilled people and bigger budgets from education system that already uncompetitive. I doubt we will have another bridge on the bay or access control freeways that bypass city congestion. . this inflation is already impacting infrastructure and hence quality of life.

look at wording.

The problem is that Russia and China are in no better shape than the US. Asset price inflation is a worldwide problem because governments all over the world have been following the same monetary policies and printing money without any hesitation. It is just a matter of who is doing more or who is doing less, but all are doing the same.