Austin MSA vs SFBA and TX vs CA

Um, how long has it been since you worked for a tech company?

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The best employees are the ones who left and created their own companies. So the stat showing where the most startups form is the same as one showing where the most talented employees are. No amount of cope can change that.

If that was true, the startup success rate would be much higher and existing company is would be failing regularly from their “best” employees leaving to start their own company. It’s the employees with the biggest egos that leave, and vast majority realize they aren’t nearly as talented as they think once they are the boss.

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Are you ok that only whites need to pay reparations?

And gain with the reparations for the descends of Chinese Coolie laborers. That actually happened in CA; slavery didn’t (not blacks anyway). Where are their reparations?

This highlights my point. Do you think tech companies started out by laying off their 150k best employees? Probably not…. This is your new wave of startups founders.

A survey of 1,000 laid-off tech workers conducted by Clarify Capital LLC found 63% of the respondents started their own company after their layoff. And tech workers reported they made more money after starting a company.


Founders or employees? Only those that get funding? They become more productive?

Many of these layoffs happened by cutting an entire division off, regardless of a person’s ability. Some are bad fits for their old employers.

Are people seriously saying founders are less capable than regular joes clocking in 9 to 5? Reminder that regular joes are working for one of these founders and enriching them. If you are so much better why not start your own thing?


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Now that Florida is turning anti business, time for Disney to come back to its motherland.

Oh great. Now we’ll have residents from the formerly golden state pouring across the border for Skittles. Gangs will make bank with Skittles smuggling rings.

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Still a :poop:hole tho.

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Since Mar 2020, house price appreciation in Austin >> SF

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“In New York City and San Francisco, $250K is worth just short of $83,000 after factoring in taxes and cost of living.”

I imagine SF would get worse at higher incomes given the progressive nature of the state income tax.