Austin MSA vs SFBA and TX vs CA

Ventura is very close and still affordable

The real reason Americans are fleeing California (

This toxic mix of a woke agenda with an educational monopoly years in the making has left Californians with a Hobson’s choice: either attend public schools or leave. They’ve already made up their minds.

Opposite to what @manch claimed. He said the reason to stay is the schools.

“ In 2021, about 30 per cent of California public school students performed at grade level in math and reading. 8th grade students, those about to matriculate into the last four years of their public education, performed worse at 23 per cent and 30 per cent respectively. The enrollment number of 6.4 million students a decade ago has, in 2022-2023, dropped to about 5.85 million. Small wonder, then, that the state leads the country in illiteracy levels.”

Kids can’t do math or read. It’s ok though. The schools are woke

“California’s education establishment has passed no fewer than twenty laws or initiatives promoting social justice since 2011. Here is a sampling: The FAIR Education Act (2011) mandates the incorporation of LGBTQ+ heroes into K-12 curriculum; the School Success and Opportunity Act (2013) allows kids to use bathrooms based on their chosen gender identity; the 2019 Suspension and Expulsion policy banning suspensions in elementary and middle schools for willful defiance; the Menstrual Equity for All Act (2021) requires the placement of feminine hygiene products in girl’s and boy’s bathrooms.”

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OMG Austin housing market is crashing!


You guys listen to this RE is doomer?

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Why is vacancy rate so high in Texas?

Weren’t you celebrating the nationwide apartment construction numbers? We all know only a tiny fraction of that construction is happening in California. I’ll make it more obvious.

“Dallas-Fort Worth is the country’s top apartment building market with more than 26,000 new rental units opening this year. Another 16,000 apartments are set to open their doors in Houston in 2020.”

By the numbers: Developers have started construction on 229 apartments in the San Francisco area during the first two quarters of this year, compared to the 1,423 the area averaged in the first halves of each year beginning in 2013 through 2022, according to new data from CoStar.”

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No idea. Austin MSA is ok. At least mine are all tenanted, mostly renewed.

May be as pointed by @marcus335, not in Austin MSA, in Dallas and Houston MSAs.

Building more is good. But with vacancy rate at 9% it seems the builders got their demand forecast wrong.

Not familiar with Dallas and Houston MSA, and don’t play in the residential apartment area. SFH rentals in Austin MSA are good. All renewed at higher :money_mouth_face: rents.

You really never read any links posted. :man_shrugging: