Austin (neighborhoods with easy access to The Domain (2nd downtown))

Similar to 78727, price in 78759 doubles since 2012 :yawning_face:

78727 and 78759 benefit from the opening of Apple Campuses and rise of The Domain.

Apple campus at Riata, 78727

  • announced in 2012, open in 2016

Apple campus at Dallas dr, 78729

  • announced in 2018, plan to open in 2022

The Domain, 78758

  • announced in 2003, open in 2007, still in construction

The fact that Austin is being discussed vigorously in Bay Area RE forum tells a lot.
How big are these campuses in relation to the Apple Park (the spaceship ) in Cupertino that is meant to hold 15000 people.

You do not need big campuses and this many campuses just to do sales and support. Something else is cooking. What is it?

Do you know how big these campuses are and what kind of work will be performed here?

Austin is being pushed by one person here.
Plenty of other alternatives
Boise has Micron, Salt Lake City, Vegas. Reno. Seattle, SoCal. Literally hundreds of alternatives to Austin.

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The technology companies are only concentrated in a few cities. Besides SV, those are Seattle, Boston, Austin, Chandler etc. Nashville is another emerging location but not for technology business. I know someone who sold lot of bay area real estate to buy in Nashville. What is there in Tennessee anyway that is attracting so much attention?

NYC, North Carolina, Dallas, Houston, Chicago. Pittsburgh. Plenty of cities that have some tech. Sacramento is as big as Austin and has Intel and other big tech companies. If tech gets decentralized it will go everywhere

Forum for tech professionals who have keen interest in RE :slight_smile: I used to live in SV, moved to greater Austin last year.

7 growing tech hubs in USA (in addition to SV),

More info to make @manch and @elt1 eyes turn green in envy.

ZIP code 78758, tucked between MoPac Expressway and I-35 in North Austin, has seen the second-biggest jump in home prices in the past decade: a 117% increase. It was the only other Austin ZIP code to see the median home price double from 2009 to 2019.

78727 and 78759 are adjacent to 78758, double shortly after too :money_mouth_face:

There doesn’t appear to be an end in sight to the housing boom, as a closely watched report from PricewaterhouseCoopers and Urban Land Institute recently listed Austin as the top city in the country for real estate investment in 2020.

Still booming :+1:

Late to the market?

“It’s going to be the suburb areas where the price point is between $250,000 and $400,000," Watters said. "That’s Cedar Park and Leander, Round Rock and Georgetown.”

Sacramento is the capital of the 7th largest economy of the world (pun intended), the nation-state, if you will. Sacramento suffers from some of the same ills that Silicon Valley does. A friend of mine once suggested prison is the best place to live - they give you free food, free housing, and free healthcare - if you can somehow live with the people around you, the other inmates. So, when a company leaves a place where it is normally supposed to be located, lot of factors come into play, and political climate is a very important one of them.

Where are your investments now? Where do you plan to expand to?

@manch he gets it. What about you? :smiling_imp: At this rate, soon you have to walk through mountains of :poop: and :syringe:

Gets what? Reminds me how many unicorns Austin has?

Oh, I remember. ZERO.


Political climates change. Houston has a lesbian mayor. Austin is a blue area in a red state. Texas was a Democratic stronghold in the past. I bet it becomes a blue state soon. Too many Californians moving there.

You mean :poop: and :syringe:?

Sacramento has cheaper housing than Austin.
Is close to SV and has wineries and skiing Close by. Has better weather too.

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You got it totally backward, just like all the SV haters here.

Think why companies choose to start and locate here despite all the negativities people keep citing. Are these billionaires stupid? Or there are some positive benefits you haters either don’t understand or choose to ignore?

Since @hanera is all about future trends and I am just a history guy who look backward, should it be concerning the trend forecast is a plateau?


Rentals :face_with_hand_over_mouth: not W2 slaves. Are you capable of starting up a tech biz or funding such biz?

Their forecast is always changing, can ignore it. In any case is just for a few months. We are talking about multi year to decade trend.

Has you read the article on the 20 zip codes, the prices double is not because of techs.

You can look at it this way. Living in Bay Area is like buying a call option on myself. It’s a small price and I can afford the option price. Payoff could be huge and I enjoy living here. Why the heck not?

When I was young and penny less I lived anywhere I wanted. How come now that I have some money to my name I have to penny pinch and subject myself to Texas? Doesn’t compute.

Austin vs Tulsa, pros and cons.

While waiting for the official words from the Spaceman, scout the neighborhoods of nearby Round Rock and Hutto :hugs: , and check out the blogosphere and property webs.

Did some back of envelope computation, while the cap rates of Hutto, Round Rock and Pflugerville (didn’t scout since already have some rentals there) are pretty good (but far cry from the 1% rule), the appreciation is lower than 78717, 78727 and 78613 where I have rentals. So buying there now is to bet for Elon to confirm the location, otherwise would be stuck with high cap rate low appreciation rentals.

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