Austin (neighborhoods with easy access to The Domain (2nd downtown))



Did he tell you how he did it?


I think if you want to go after cashflow you gotta do multifam.


He’s doing a mix of multi fam and others. he’s actually running a newsletter, and owns a property management company.


Why is it that engineers will do anything to get out of engineering


he was not an engineer :slight_smile:


Houston is not in a good spot with global warming.


Worked for google right?


Maybe we should buy Austin multi-fams.


Buy a PM company, you would have 100 doors :slight_smile: Don’t think is that expensive.


PM just manages doors. They don’t own nothing.

They could be good profitable businesses though. Very low turnover. Maybe buy a few and have a monopoly in a market?


tomato’s colleague runs a PM company yet he said owned, so you can also say you own 100 doors :slight_smile:


No no, he does own 100 doors, and manages many more (paraphrasing his sentence).


So how did he finance buying 100 doors?


Average rental quality house price in Houston = $200k
100 doors = $20M, possible with $2M downpayment?


He probably did the game consistently. Buy low, improve, take equity to buy more, and eventually make connections for more loans?


Too vague. Can you interview him for something actionable?


Also I noticed many people have fractional ownership of something but make it sound like they are the sole owner. I don’t know if @tomato’s friend is like that. That’s something I noticed a lot on bigger pockets.

Say someone arranges a syndication deal of a 20-door multi-fam, owns 5% of it himself with the rest financed by the syndicate. But he would tell everybody he owns 20 doors.


his isn’t syndication. I would believe his numbers, doesn’t have to be sfr, though.


If so I’d love to see the play-by-play.


Probably multi family. If so 100 doors is nothing special.