Austin (neighborhoods with easy access to The Domain (2nd downtown))



Do you see yourself doing something similar further down the road?


Nope. Quality over quantity.


Will he lose his w2 job if he spends too much time on real estate?

Do you guys talk about your RE activity at work? Will it hurt you at work or even get you fired?


We do talk about it at work. I host couple of meet-ups at work to talk and learn from like-minded investors. As well as, I did couple of presentations to newbies who want to learn about REI. Just like any other clubs - chess, pingpong, hip-hop, we treat this as club / hobby thing.


He said in the BP interview MFH tenants need to be more “hands on”. Meaning the quality tends to be lower and more tenant issues to deal with.


We need to have more meetups of our own. :smile:


Huge party? 18 instead of 4 or 8?


I actually don’t do well in a large party setting. Tend to split into smaller groups anyway. But I am lazy and won’t organize anything. Whatever you guys arrange I will try to attend.


Embarrassing given that you’re …




Speaking of meet ups, I saw one focusing on MFH investing in Texas.


Bought 1 SFH in a haste :grinning: Eating in North Italia, flying back 2mrw :yum:




Might be buying another brand new 1-story 3300+ square footage on over 12,000 sqft lot.


for high $400s to low $500s in Leander, depending on design and structural options.
4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 3 car garages.


So your tenants will be living better than you are? :thinking:


Is that the house you just bought or some rando picture you found online?


Ranch 99 and HMart have set up shops in
Austin :grinning:

The story of 99 Ranch Market, largest Asian supermarket chain in US

Other than Henry M. Gunn, PA High, Saratoga High and Los Altos High, Westwood High (78759) is ranked higher than any high schools in South bay.

Best High School in Austin, WestLakes High is ranked higher than PA High.

K-12 schools in Austin are very good.


Yoda is this your wife’s new gig?

Seeking Startup Jackpot, Relocates From SF To Austin