Austin (neighborhoods with easy access to The Domain (2nd downtown))

Rumor said Tesla has bought land between Jarrell and Austin. Hutton and Taylor lie between Jarrell and Austin. Rumor also said work has started.

What do you think, could Austin also become the new headquarters of Tesla if once it becomes the chosen location of Tesla’s Terafactory? We don’t know yet, but Austin is a huge center for tech talent. Austin is a big center for Tech Talent and could be a great location for Tesla’s headquarters or a secondary headquarter.

Factory at Hutto, log facility at Taylor and HQ at Domain.

@manch still has doubt that Austin is rising since 15 years ago? Please don’t tell me the past, you are not that old. Recall I told you that 7x7 is at the end of the s-curve while Austin is at the start of s-curve. So 7x7 has past glory, no need to harp on it, we know.

Apple Austin Campus II + Tesla’s move to Austin, my Austin property will see good appreciation for the next few years :grinning:

I am now wondering whether Project Titan is alive or dead?


That’s good.

Go Hutto, good for Black hawk community :slight_smile:

Hutto is close to Round Rock. Dell is in Round Rock. Round Rock could become the HQ location.

Is Round Rock a good place for appreciation?

Post covid19 don’t look for appreciation per se.
Look for cash flow. 5 cap minimum
Look for value add thru remodeling. Maybe flipping will provide a better IRR. Especially in communist blue areas where the state is picking winners(tenants) and losers( landlords)


Round rock has been going up quite a bit before 2013-2018. Not sure of current situation, Maybe not as much as some of the zipcode @hanera posting. To me, one of the Austin’s artificial ceiling is cost of the new homes in the area. So if an area get closer to new houses in near by, it flattens.

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Fanboi of E-con now?

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While some remark on the irony that since TX does not allow direct sales of Teslas (thanks to the TX retail car lobby) why would Tesla build a plant here? Others suggest they are sure that TX will allow direct sales once a plant is built in state, but other counter that the TX legislature is out for awhile and there is no guarantee that they will approve this … even if Tesla was building cars in state. I suggest that business economics of Tesla are so good in TX that it makes sense to build here even if direct sales are not allowed. Big spaces allow for lower cost land for teh factory and the new communities that will pop-up nearly. Right to work and low cost of living keeps labor costs reasonable. TX has a net inflow of people who like the low taxes and low cost of living. Austin is a nice city and not a tornado risky as Tulsa. The state electric grid is nearly 1/2 wind powered which is a nice environmental claim … and a good place for solar.

And it really sticks it to CA politicians … since TX has captured a lot of former CA biz and CA workers.

In Williamson County, the year-over-year increase is 6.6 percent.

Not good since property tax is tied to property prices and can’t increase rent because of coronavirus. Cap rate declines :sob:

“Homes are selling quicker than they have compared to last year and also for more money,” said Manzanilla.

Not good since I am still not done accumulating rental houses.

“Maybe their home is too small, because now they have not just their living areas but their work areas. I think this pandemic has caused a lot of homeowners to reevaluate whether their home still works for them,” said Manzanilla.

Luckily most of my rentals are fairly large. 4/3.5/2 with media and study rooms. Some have man’s den and mud room :hugs:

You probably need to pay more property tax to fund Elon’s multi billion subsidy. Hurray!


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Old article. Grimes is a musician right?
Austin is … :yawning_face:

Getting billions of government subsidy of course makes sense for the con man.

I doubt he is getting that much. If Austin didn’t want to give to the bald man, why give to him? If he is getting what he desired, he won’t be throwing in Tulsa as a finalist. OTOH Austin may not be in as good shape as before because of coronavirus, many big events such as SXSW were shutdown. Also the state government may be pressuring Austin to accept because of collapse of oil + coronavirus.

How much did your county hike your property assessment last year? Someone needs to pay for the roads and schools for the 10s of thousands of Tesla factory workers, who won’t pay any income tax. How will the math work out?

This year county hardly change assessment :grinning: because of angry residents complaining about the past few years of huge hikes.

AFAIK, there are many new schools in construction :grinning: in Hutto. Why need new roads? Tesla has to pay for their own private roads and any new roads expansion which I don’t think is necessary, Highway 79 is fairly wide.

I thought there won’t be any in-person meetings in the future because of Covid? Secular trend right? Why build hotels?


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Since 2012, price has not stopped appreciating :star_struck: Double over 8 years ie 9% per year for 8 years :money_mouth_face: