BA still a bargain

Still less expensive than many worldwide cities …not even in the top 10.

Right. But how is LA more expensive than SF?

I know something about Hong Kong’s price, so SF always feels like a great bargain to me.


I know something about Singapore’s price, so SV always feels like a great bargain to me.

I think the $/sq ft is misleading to assess property price.

If know for many Asian cities, the median price for property (most likely condos) are much lower than Bay Area. For instance, in Tokyo, medium house price is <$400k, vs >$800k in many Bay Area cities. So the average or median home buyers are paying less for properties. I feel this is a more valid comparison of property value.

But if you calculate $/sq ft, then crowded cities with small condos will be higher. But that can be due to local laws, traditions, acceptable standard of living, etc.

Comparing $/sqft across nations is relevant for global investors.

For citizens, using house price over pay for middle class (define as degree holders and mom n pop biz owners) is more apt for comparing across nations.

These prices are for downtown luxury housing for international buyers…LA has a much bigger pool than SF

So, that’s why they need all the water? To fill their pools? :sunglasses: